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Morning Star The BEST BLEND YET for the BoneShaker line !! Still has the Deep full strength with a bit of Creamyness on top. Different wrapper that previous Boneshaker blends. 5 5 1
Morning Star If you like Nicaraguan these are a good stick. Buy a box it’s a good deal. 5 5 1
Morning Star I smoked one a day or two after they arrived and I thought it was a good cigar. After letting them rest a few months they aged into a phenomenal cigar. They smoothed out a bit but still with the AJ pepper and kick. Lots of creaminess and a hint of sweetness with the typical top notch construction from AJ Fernandez. Ordering more so they have time to age. 5 5 1
Morning Star Very flavorful well constructed cigar. Full body and bold. Maybe the best of the Boneshaker line. Excellent value. 5 5 1
Morning Star Like a cigar who’s lost its way, this one is neither large enough to satisfy a customer desiring a full body smoke, and burns too poorly for one seeking a smaller gauge stogie. I will not but again. 3 5 1
Morning Star AJ is a genius. This is a wonderful blend. Flavorful and strong, complex and well constructed. I recommend it highly. For the price you can’t do better. 5 5 1

Boneshaker Tombstone

Morning Star 5 × 56 BSTMS_1

Produced by AJ Fernandez, the Boneshaker Tombstone Morning Star cigar is the third installment to the highly acclaimed Boneshaker series. After lighting a Morning Star, you’ll be greeted with delicious dark tobacco flavors of chocolate, red pepper, leather, caramel, and cocoa. An enticing sweet tobacco aroma rounds out a memorable smoking experience. The reasonably priced 5x 56 Morning Star from AJ Fernandez is now available in this single cigar packaging for your sampling enjoyment.
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