Top 5 Golf Course Cigars

April 20, 2022

Ah, the fairway; a place where the outside world waits at each tee off, relationships are built, and even better cigars are smoked. Whether you and your foursome may decide to scramble or play a game of low ball high ball, nothing adds to a beautiful day out on the green than a good golf cigar to last you to the 18th hole.

Having the best golf cigars for your round can be the difference between a birdie and a bogie. From strength to length, it’s preferable to have a cigar that won’t burn down by hole nine or give you a handicap on that spontaneous eagle. With that said, after many golf outings, Nick and myself have devised a list of some of the stogies we’ll be teeing off with this year for JR’s Top 5 golf course cigars for 2022.

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H.Upmann 175th Anniversary

First on our list is from manufacturer Altadis USA and its famed heritage brand, H. Upmann. In celebration of 175 years of premium world-class cigar making, the H. Upmann 175th is a stunning and flavorful cigar crafted in partnership with AJ Fernandez. Interestingly, it uses rare medio tiempo tobaccos aged for three years.

This 7×50 Churchill is by far my favorite on the list, because not only is the size perfect for a long game of mulligans (I’m fairly new to the sport), but its rich notes of raisin, wheat, and white pepper roll off the dark silky Nicaraguan wrapper. It produces an aroma of vanilla and earth, which is exceptionally tantalizing; you just can’t beat it.

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Ferio Tego Timeless Panamerica

Once exclusive to the now-defunct Nat Sherman Townhouse, Michel Herklots and his team at Ferio Tego have brought the Timeless Pentamerica back as part of their regular production releases, and we’re all very excited about this.

Coming in three sizes, we decided to recommend the 7X48 Julieta as the choice size. We promise it will captivate your tastebuds on the green with its medium body and rich flavors of cedar, leather, and caramel. This Churchill is perfect for the golfer looking for mellow flavors that hold up and stay strong all the way down to the final hole.

Using top-quality tobaccos from the Plasencia factory in Nicaragua, this timeless stogie (pun-indented) is wrapped in a beautiful reddish-brown Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper that will leave you revered among the gallery of linksman.

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Foundation Charter Oak

Next on our list is a gem from small-batch company, Foundation Cigars. Sporting a beautiful dark and oily Connecticut broadleaf wrapper, the Charter Oak Broadleaf is a creamy and smooth experience that is “par none” to any broadleaf on the market.

Well known for using some of the best tobaccos out of Connecticut, this Nicaraguan stogie is sweet, spicy, and zesty, with notes of chocolate and honey; perfect for those clubhouse vibes.

Its slow burn and flawless construction are among the many reasons this cigar made it to our list. With various sizes and blends to choose from, we recommend the broadleaf Lonsdale for the smoker who prefers a smaller ring gauge and sweeter flavors to contest with anyone’s short game.

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Florida Sun Grown 20 Acre Farm

The newest release on our list is from Drew Estate, receiving a 91 from Halfwheel last month after a limited nation-wide unbranded pre-release. The Florida Sun Grown Acre 20 Farm is a cigar masterpiece that showcases freestyle characteristics and quality from the tobaccos grown in the sunshine state, all mixed with Nicaraguan grown tobaccos from Esteli and Jalapa.

Sporting a beautiful cedar wrap and foot band, this luxurious smoke is creamy, nutty, and sweet with notes of graham cracker and cinnamon. These wonderous flavors fade to aromas of clover and citrus in this medium body cigar. Rolled in three sizes, the 6×52 toro is our choice for a golfer looking for a deliciously sweet blend that will last you through your game.

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Arturo Fuente Double Chateau

Last but not least, is the Arturo Fuente Double Chateau, a rich and smooth Dominican blend that will have you screaming ‘fore’ more. Crafted at the world-famous Fuente factory in the Dominican Republic, the Double Chateau is a mellow and dynamic cigar that will satisfy any smoker on the links.

Sporting a light-brown Connecticut shade wrapper, this 6.75×50  Toro is filled with flavorful tobaccos from the DR that are nutty, silky, and savory for bolder flavors that bite the palette with a mellow body. This Fuente is one of a kind, and I would recommend having this gem more than once if you plan to tee off a few times out of the week.

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