Top 5 Cinco de Mayo Cigars

April 27, 2022

Top 5 Cinco de Mayo Cigars

May 5th, 1862, Napolian III sends troops to storm the small village of Puebla de Los Angeles to reclaim power over the newly independent Mexico from European powers.  President Benito Juarez and his constituents round up 2,000 indigenous men to take on the attack of General Charles Latrille de Lorencez and his troop of 6,000 French men.

The Battle lasts from daybreak to early evening, and after 500 French soldiers lose their lives, General de Lorencez retreats, leaving Mexico once again to maintain its independence over European powers.

Today we celebrate the independence of this small Mexican village to symbolically embrace Mexican culture with Margaritas, Huevos Rancheros, and some amazing smokes that we can only hope those brave soldiers got to enjoy after reclaiming what was rightfully theirs.

Whether or not you’re a tequila drinker, we have put together a list of great cigars you can enjoy and pair with your Cinco de Mayo feast — no matter how you choose to celebrate.


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CAO Zocalo

First on the list is the Mexican brand CAO and its Zocalo Robusto. Well known for using rare and hard to come by premium tobaccos, the Zocalo is a Nicaraguan based cigar that utilizes a dark-toothy San Andres wrapper that is smooth and packed with flavors familiar to the region’s fetal soils.

The cigar is a superb medium to full-body smoke, this gem delivers rich, bold flavors of earth, cocoa, black pepper, and espresso that go great with any Mexican beer or spirit of your choice. Pairing this with a carefully chosen beer enhances the flavors tenfold thanks to the Zocalo’s exceptional complex and bold blend.

With three sizes to choose from, we find ourselves in love with the 5×52 Robusto as our after-dinner smoke, and at $32 for a pack of five, they are perfectly priced for you to share with your amigos.

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Undercrown 10 Corona Viva

Viva la Undercrown is what you’ll be shouting when you take your first puff of this expertly hand-crafted cigar from Drew Estate. Filled with premium long fillers from Nicaragua, this gem is beautifully bound in a broadleaf binder and wrapped in a silky dark San Andres wrapper, giving this cigar a smooth tres leches sweetness; perfect for any celebration of independence.

Surprisingly, the Undercrown 10 Corona Viva was not the creation of Drew Estates Master blender, Willy Herrera.

Instead, it hails from the hard-working rollers who made the tasty smoke as a treat to enjoy while rolling many of the brand’s other popular blends. With notes of honey, leather, and chocolate, this medium body cigar is dressed to impress and features gold and royal blue bands and ribbon that will have even expert rollers at Drew Estate cheering with you

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Crowned Heads Juarez OBS

I can’t say that this is a perfect cigar for Cinco de Mayo, but, as the name implies, the Crowned Heads Juarez is a cigar honorable to smoke on a day of independence to remember General and President Benito Juarez and his resilience to keep Mexico independent.

This 4.75×52 liga cigar is medium to full-bodied and packed with flavors of sweet-cream, chocolate, and oak that burns beautifully with its flawless construction.

Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos are bound in an Ecuadorian binder wrapped in a Mexican San Andres wrapper, tied together in a sweet and spicy blend. I find that it encapsulates flavors reminiscent of many traditional Mexican dishes. With a box of 20 going for $117, the Juarez OBS is reasonably priced at $6.50 a cigar; perfect for any smoker looking for an awesome blend on a budget.

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Dunbarton Sin Comprimiso

There is no compromise that our next pick is truly special. Blended by iconic owner and cigar aficionado, Steve Saka, for Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust, the Sin Compromiso Seleccion No.5 is a unique and luxurious cigar for anyone looking to celebrate in style.

Utilizing the sweet and bold flavors of a dark Mexican San Andres wrapper, the Sin Compromiso Seleccion is bound in an Ecuadorian binder and filled with premium long fillers from Nicaragua. They produce flavors of chocolate, caramel, pepper, and coffee, and are absolutely enticing.

Rolled in many different sizes, the No.5 is our choice for Cinco de Mayo for its 6×54 boldness representing Mexico’s resilience on this day of independence.


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Romeo y Julieta Edicion Limitada JR 50th

Last on our list of Cinco de Mayo cigars is a celebratory cigar created to celebrate yours truly, JR and our 50th anniversary of being the world biggest and best supplier of your favorite cigars.

The Romeo y Julieta Edicion Limitada is a zesty bold and flavorful winner that is so much more than just a gem, it’s a heritage.

With 145 years of premium cigar making, Romeo y Julieta has honored us by blending a rich smoke that is spicy, sweet, and long-lasting with notes of pepper, leather, and earth.

The cigars come packaged in one of the most beautiful packages I’ve seen. It utilizes a bronzed emblem on a red wood finished box. What’s more, each cigar is individually wrapped in a red tube perfect for storage.

With a Mexican Criollo wrapper, broadleaf binder, and filled with tobaccos grown in the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua, this medium body smoke will absolutely astonish you with is style and class in every puff.

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