Top 5 Infused Cigars: Premium Cigars With Flavor!

May 31, 2017

Top 5 Infused Cigars

While they might be scoffed at by the cigar elite, infused cigars actually play a huge role in the industry.  They are among the best-selling and most popular cigars and are usually the preferred smoke for someone just starting out.  Now, I am not a huge infused cigar smoker. However, there are a few that I actually enjoy.

It always comes down to quality and flavor preference.  I don’t like something made with low-quality tobacco or something that’s filled with too much flavor or sweetness.  Like in any cigar, it’s about balance.  So, I put together this list of some of my favorite infused cigars that have just the right amount of flavor and use quality tobaccos.

Acid Deep Dish

There’s no doubt that Drew Estate is the king of the infused cigar.  In fact, this list boasts three cigars coming from Drew Estate, two of them from the famed Acid line.  We are starting off with the legendary Acid Blue Deep Dish.  From the ever-popular Blue line, the Deep Dish is a thick box-pressed smoke with plenty of flavor.

The Deep Dish uses the same blend of oils and herbs from the other Blue Acids, but in this bigger format, it provides a richer and more flavorful experience.  It Sumatra wrapper also adds in touches of leather and coffee, giving it a well-rounded and balanced profile.

CAO Moontrance

As I stated in the intro, I am not a fan of overly fruity or sweet infused cigars.  The CAO Moontrance, however, is able to provide some subtle notes without being overbearing, which is why it’s been a mainstay of my infused lineup for quite some time.  It is also a quality cigar from one of the leading manufacturers, CAO.

The Moontrance uses a Cameroon wrapper for touches of nuts and earth.  Its infusion process gives it notes of sweetness, caramel, and bourbon.  If you thought it was the bourbon flavoring that won me over, you would be correct.  This actually makes for a good pairing with a smooth sweet bourbon.

Rocky Patel Java Mint

Here we have yet another Drew Estate product, this time collaborating with the legendary Rocky Patel.  The Javas have always been a solid infused choice for me for a few reasons.  First, they use quality tobacco, which I can say enough is a major factor.  Second, a lot of cigars can offer up natural notes of coffee and espresso, so a coffee-infused cigar isn’t too crazy.

There are several different blends for the Java, but I find myself drawn to the Java Mint time and time again.  Its robust notes of dark roast coffee, a dash of sweetness and a minty finish just get me every time.  Java Mint is also one of the best-selling infused cigars in the world, so there’s that.

Nub Nuance Double Roast

So, unfortunately, the Nub Café cigar that originally made this list is no longer being sold.  However, Nub has created another top-notch infused line that is right up my alley.  The Nuance Dobule Roast is a bold and rich cigar that is perfect for coffee pairing.  If you can’t tell yet, I do enjoy a coffee-infused cigar most of all.

The Double Roast is crafted with aged Dominican tobacco, giving you that smooth, creamy and nutty center.  The Sumatra wrapper also adds in tremendous notes of dark roast coffee, cream, and just a dash of sweetness.  It is the best part of waking up.

Acid Kuba Kuba

This might be the best selling and most well-known infused cigar in the industry, and it is once again coming to you from Drew Estate.  Even if you aren’t an infused cigar fan, you have heard the name Kuba Kuba.  They are the crown prince of the Acid line and an infused cigar found in every cigar shop in America.

This robusto sized smoke is handcrafted with premium Nicaraguan filler tobaccos along with an oily Sumatran wrapper.  It perfected the blend of herbs and oils that would be used on every Acid since.  It offers up a smooth and unique profile with dashes of sweetness and floral notes.




Drew Estate

Acid Deep Dish





Rocky Patel

Java Mint



Nuance Double Roast


Drew Estate

Acid Kuba Kuba



4 responses to “Top 5 Infused Cigars: Premium Cigars With Flavor!”

  1. Chuck Lehnhard says:

    “in a cup” lol, well I don’t do coffee, I’m a tea guy,,, but my fave cigar is the Acid Blondi but I will be trying the Moontrance and Java Mints…. thanks… love the videos btw.

  2. Matthew Bonnette says:

    Java Red is not to bad!!!!!

  3. Chance Russo says:

    Best infused cigar I’ve had by far was the Acid Cold Tea Infusion. Awesome smoke!! Very unique and I bet it would pair really well with tea…

  4. dadruf says:

    Mine is Acid Extraordinary Larry but alas, I am not wealthy and can’t afford an $11.00 stick.

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