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Top Five Cigars for Halloween

There are so many unique and artistic themes that fit in perfectly with the horror holiday, so let us take a look at the five best cigars for Halloween.  Read More

Quesada 1974 Cigars

Master Blender Manuel Quesada debuted a new brand called Quesada 1974 to celebrate the company's 45 years of making some of the world's greatest premium cigars. Read More

Best Cigars to Smoke for Red Dead Redemption 2

To celebrate it being available on PC, I decided to go throw together a quick list of the best cigars to enjoy while playing Red Dead Redemption 2. Read More

The Different Elements of a Cigar

In today's article, we are going to break the cigar down into its three main parts and explain what each of these parts brings to your overall cigar experience. Read More

Why You Should Join JR Plus

Following in the footsteps of online giants, we have crafted a program that offers great discounts. Let’s break down the benefits of JR Plus. Read More

Top Montecristo Cigar for the Serious Smoker

Montecristo cigars are among the most well-known brands in the cigar industry. From the novice smoker to the seasoned aficionado, have all heard of Montecristo. Read More

The Franklyn Acrylic Humidor

Five Cigar Myths Extinguished

For centuries, cigar smoking has been subject to a number of myths. Today debunk these myths and provide straight facts. Here are the most common cigar myths. Read More

Florida Sun Grown Cigars

Florida Sun Growns are the result of a project between Florida Sun Grown Farm, and Drew Estate to bring American tobaccos back to the premium cigar market. Read More

Cabanas: Now Available

After weeks of teasers and fanfare, our latest project, Cabanas is now available. Cabanas took over a year of planning, blending, and coordination. Read More

Five Cigars to Pair With Coffee

Coffee and cigars go together like, well, coffee and cigars.  Both products share few similarities including where they are grown and how they're processed. Read More

INCH Natural By E.P. Carrillo No. 64 Cigars

Released at the height of the big ring cigar craze in America, the INCH Natural No. 64 is one of three super-sized sticks from master-blender, E.P. Carrillo. Read More

What is a Smoking Jacket?

The smoking jacket was essentially a fancy version of a robe, although it was shorter than your typical bathrobe, it made of high-end fabric, such as velvet. Read More

New Cigar Releases for October

Several months after the IPCPR, we are beginning to get a steady flow of new cigars. Let’s take a look at the newest products to hit our shelves this October. Read More

Eiroa Jamastran Cigar Review

Right off the bat, the Eiroa Jamastran has a triangular box that reminds me of the year limited Camacho Diploma. Read More

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