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IPCPR Moving

The International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers Association is moving to Washington.  For many years, the IPCPR operated out of Columbus, Georgia which had a low overhead, but made for wicked commutes to DC to fight legislation in Congress.  So … Read More

Et Tu Kentucky?

Apparently Kentucky is eying tobacco as a way of increasing revenues for the state.  A tax bill introduced into the House (HB132) makes a lot of changes to the commonwealth’s tobacco taxes. First up is a dollar a pack … Read More

Anejo Romeo

Altadis USA has been giving new life to its brands.  In recent years, the company has been adding new blends to its portfolio.  Examples are the Saint Luis Rey Gen 2, H. Upmann The Banker, Montecristo Espada … Read More

Estelí, Nicaragua: The Diamond of the Segovias

When people think of Nicaragua, they may imagine picturesque mountains covered with jungle-like trees. They may envision row after row of endless tobacco plants and small fruit stands dotting the street corners. This is the exact picture I discovered when … Read More

Davidoff Changes

Normally I don’t care much about changes in personnel at cigar companies.  So and so who was sales manager at SecondRateSmokes is now leaving to go to Anastystick Cigar Company.  I mean this is inside baseball so … Read More

Good News Bad News

In Nebraska, it was thought that smoking in the state’s cigar bars would end with the dawn of the New Year.  Last year, that state’s supreme court ruled that the exemption for cigar bars to the state’s non-smoking law was … Read More

New Magnus

The Quesadas are also busy with their Casa Magna line.  The Casa Magnas have been a hit since they first came out.  They were named Cigar of the Year back in 2008.  A few years back they … Read More

Oktoberfest Spring

For the past several years, the Quesada family has been releasing special cigars in the fall to coincide with Oktoberfest.  The idea behind the blend is that the cigars pair very well with the traditional German Oktoberfest beers.  … Read More

AVO changes

According to Cigar Aficionado, Davidoff is changing its Avo line.  This comes after the company revamped its Winston Churchill line last year.  According to CA,  the Avo line is getting a facelift  and some of the lines are being … Read More

Other Smaller Smokes

Since this is a time for the smaller smokes, here are some you may have forgotten about.  The JR Ultimate is a great value cigar but many people don’t know that you can get it in a perfect winter size.  … Read More

Polar Vortex Pshaw

Ok it is winter and it is cold.  It is supposed to be cold this time of year.  But the bitter cold that has griped (Editor's Note: I think this is an appropriate typo) much of the country makes it tough to … Read More

Perfect Example

Vega Fina is a brand made in the huge Altadis USA factory in the Dominican Republic. The brand was one made primarily for the Spanish and Western European market.  Now Spain is one of Cuba’s largest customers and Cuban … Read More

Legal Cubans?

There has been a lot of talk over the past couple of weeks about the loosening of our embargo on Cuba.  So let’s say you want a Montecristo #2 from Cuba, last year’s Cigar of the Year.  That would set … Read More


Cigar Aficionado is out with their latest cigars of the year.  Like any ratings, it is always surrounded with controversy.  Do I agree with them?  Yes and no. But the one thing about CA—their taste tests are blind and the … Read More

Ghostly smoke

Ok not really a ghost, but Spectral is a phantom-like figure…kinda like a ghost.  It also is a new-old cigar for sale from Flor de Gonzalez.  The company has been making cigars since the Boom but has … Read More

Cigar Power

We all know how cigars can bring people together.  You sit smoking and someone comes up and asks “what are you smoking?”  and  thus beginning a conversation.  The cigar crosses pretty much all societal bounds… everyone is equal and every … Read More

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