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General Musings

Today began with the General Cigar booth.  The trip took two hours.  There is a lot to see.  Starting with Macanudo, the company is releasing another Estate Reserve.  What makes this cigar unique, aside from its… Read More

Wandering IPCPR

When you are in Vegas, you lose all sense of time.  Especially when you are walking the huge Sands convention center floor for IPCPR.  Traffic seems a bit lighter this year, but it could be due to the layout.  The… Read More

The Show Begins

The  82nd annual International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers Association trade show is underway in Las Vegas.  There were seminars held Saturday along with a welcoming cocktail party.  Sunday had the retailer breakfast where the group was introduced to the… Read More

Florida fights FDA

We got the 30 day extension for comments to the FDA, and we will most likely need all that time.  But recently the state of Florida is fighting back at the FDA.  Last month, I wrote about one cigar manufacturer… Read More

Bye Gene

Gene Tipton has been a fixture at the trade shows.  As VP of Premium Cigars for Altadis USA, Gene is one of those great guys who everybody likes.  This year will be his last trade show.  He is retiring… Read More

Ch-Ch-Ch Changes by Frank Seltzer

The IPCPR is officially leaderless.  Bill Spann, who came in as CEO to run the premium cigar group two years ago, has left.  Spann turned in his resignation last week and it was effective on Saturday.  Spann said the… Read More

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