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Cigar Smoking Champion

Apparently this is a thing.  A cigar smoker in Nashville was crowned best cigar smoker at the 5th annual Cigar Smoking World Championships held at Club Mareva.  The winner is Darren Cioffi and he apparently is the first ever … Read More

Pricey Padron

At this past summer’s Trade Show we noted Padron was celebrating its 50th anniversary and to that end the company was coming out with a special cigar and humidor.  The humidor was filed with 50 special cigars … Read More

Post Post Turkey Day

This is the time of year when I get to talk (and brag a bit) about what we do here in Dallas over Thanksgiving…we hold our Post Turkey Day Crawl.  We marked our 20th year this past weekend, making us … Read More


Last week we wrote about the town of Westminster, MA. that was going to try to ban the sale of tobacco.  At the time the health board said they would bring the matter up again.  Apparently the board has had … Read More


Drew Estate is saying it will be releasing a Ratzilla for the holidays.  ( No not the 16 inch rat that the press called ratzilla in Sweden.) This Ratzilla is a longer version of the Famed Dirty Rat … Read More

Embraceable Ewe

It is Thanksgiving and a time for us to be grateful for all the bounties we have.  Of course while the stores are looking ahead to Christmas (actually they started a few weeks ago) some people are talking about the … Read More

No More Nebraska Smoking

Well, the reprieve for Nebraska’s cigar bars was very short lived.  Last month, the state liquor commission allowed the state’s 12 cigar bars to renew their smoking  that expired on Halloween.  The renewal was because the state’s attorney general … Read More

Rocky shipping

Every year at the trade show, Rocky Patel usually has several new cigars and this year was no exception.  One of the cigars he added to the line was an expansion of his Decade with Decade Cameroon.  … Read More

The New El Rey Del Mundo Reserva Nicaragua Cigar

In the 25 years working for JR Cigars, I must have smoked at least 6 million premium cigars, give, or take three or four.  Most were great, some were mediocre, and a few were so bad it felt like an … Read More

My Bad

(credit: Jack Plunkett/AP Images) Last week was Veteran’s  Day and while my gratitude to our Vets knows no bounds, I forgot one special Vet,  Richard Overton.  Mr. Overton lives here in Texas and … Read More

Casa Fuente reopens

If you are looking for a place to smoke in Vegas, you can go back to Casa Fuente.  The  upscale cigar bar located on the strip has reopened.  Casa Fuente is in the Shops at Caesars and the mall is … Read More


Usually when you hear Anthology, you think of a collection of stories or music. Well that would be the dictionary definition, but now from Altadis USA comes a new cigar line so named—Anthology.  Like much of the newer blends … Read More

Proud Pappy

Drew Estate is coming up with a new cigar in partnership with legendary bourbon producer Pappy Van Winkle.  The new cigar will be called the Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve and will be available sometime in the near future—pre orders … Read More

Happy retirement (sort of) Gordon

If you subscribe to Cigar Aficionado, you may have noticed a change in the current issue. Tucked in the editor’s note is a Bon Voyage to Gordon Mott.  Gordon had been talking about cutting back for a while and he … Read More

Nebraska still smokin for now

Back around Labor Day, I told you about how Nebraska’s cigar bars were going to have to shut down.  Seems an Omaha pool hall challenged the smoking ban and ended up getting all the exemptions removed especially for the state’s … Read More


The word has come to mean that pleasantly smelling anesthetic or also a solvent.  But ether is much more.  Its meanings are like the clear air in the sky beyond the upper reaches of clouds.  Astronauts flew … Read More

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