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Consuegra Cigars – The World’s Most Popular Factory Seconds

Now in their 25th year of production, Consuegra cigars remain the most popular line of factory seconds ever produced.  “Connies” as they are referred to by their throngs of loyal minions, are factory seconds from the makers of … Read More

Some Great Cigar Gift Ideas for Dad for Father’s Day

At JR, we know that Dad is often someone’s favorite cigar connoisseur, but the task of buying him his favorite brand can be a difficult one, especially if you don’t know exactly what brand he smokes or if he likes … Read More

Alec Bradley Medalist Cigars – The Return of a Mellow Classic!

If you were a premium cigar smoker in the mid- 1990s, you may recall the Alec Bradley Medalist brand. It was a popular mellow to medium body smoke, and one of the first brands to put this now famous … Read More

Macassar— A truly Different Type of Cohiba Cigar

General Cigar Company, one of the largest manufacturers of premium cigars in the world, and home to such famous brands as Macanudo, Partagas, Punch, and Hoyo de Monterrey, just to name a few, proudly introduces … Read More

Slaughterhouse Bundles Cigars – A Great Everyday Value!

Realizing that smoking premium cigars can become an expensive hobby, here at JR, we like to review the everyday affordable cigars as much as higher end offerings to appeal to every segment of the consumer market. That said, today we … Read More

Jose Marti Cigars – An Outstanding Everyday Value!

Going old-school once again for this edition of our JR blog, we look at a premium cigar brand that has been around for so many years, that many current legal age smokers were still teething when it was first released! … Read More

The Nat Sherman Timeless Collection – Two Extraordinary Blends

Nat Sherman, a legendary name in premium cigars, first set up shop in NYC in 1930, and now 88 years later, his ever-expanding portfolio includes some of the most sought-after cigars in the world. In 2011, the Sherman family, … Read More

Introducing a Very Affordable Davidoff Cigar!

 Private Stock by Davidoff Cigars are a dream come true for cigar enthusiasts that always found the ultra-premium Davidoff brand extremely desirable, but a bit too rich for their blood to enjoy on a daily basis. First off, as … Read More

Nick & Jim P.B.E Cigars – A Brilliant Collaboration!

Nick & Jim P.B.E a brand-new boutique-style line of premium cigars, is a collaborative effort between Nick Syris of LH Premium Cigars and “Island” Jim Robinson best known for producing Leaf by Oscar cigars and his own  … Read More

My Father – Crafted By Jaime Garcia

Hello my friends, Nick Libretti here with a special announcement.  If you’ve been paying attention to our Instagram page recently, you may notice I have announced a brand new project coming to JR cigars this month.  This isn’t … Read More

Zocalo — A Mexican Wrapped Beauty from CAO

CAO is a company known for always thinking outside of the box when it comes to blending and rolling, that’s why in recent years, this brand has become one of the most sought-after names in premium handmade cigars. This … Read More

EP Carrillo Encore – A Fantastic New Smoke from Ernesto!

Originally slated for release in 2016, but postponed until 2018, the Encore cigar line of premium cigars from industry legend Ernesto Carrillo has finally arrived, and you can get them now, right here at JR Cigar!  This much anticipated … Read More

La Hoja Cigar Co. 1962 Cigars – The Rebirth of a Cuban-Style Classic

La Hoja Cigar Co. 1962 is a beautifully rolled line of premium handmade cigars made in small-batch fashion. This s a contemporary rebirth of an old Cuban brand produced by a three-generation tobacco growing family that escaped Castro’s persecution … Read More

The Majestic Davidoff Winston Churchill Cigars

Widely regarded as one of the greatest wartime leaders of the 20th century, the late Prime Minister Winston Churchill took charge of a nation on the verge of destruction by the Nazi war machine and through sheer determination, led England … Read More

Revisiting La Finca Cigars – A genuine JR Classic!

Premium handmade La Finca cigars have been a top-choice with our customers since they made their inaugural debut way back in 1972. Think about it, When these cigars first lined our shelves, Nixon was the president, the Internet was … Read More

Debonaire House – A Delicious Line of Luxury Cigars

Debonaire House Cigars are the culmination of 20 years of research and development by Philip S. Zanghi III, founder of Indian Tabac Cigar Company, and Daniel Sinclair founder of Dufort Holdings. Their intention was to create the perfect premium … Read More

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