Why Spanish cedar humidors are the top choice

October 19, 2023

Why Spanish cedar humidors are the top choice

Humidors are specialized containers that store and provide a controlled environment for cigars and other tobacco products. This environment can preserve the tobacco’s pristine quality, flavor, and moisture, ensuring your cigars remain fresh and provide a superior smoking experience.

Not only do humidors ensure your cigar retains flavor, but they can also be used to age and mature your cigars. Some connoisseurs actually prefer to age their cigars for an extended period, allowing the tobacco to develop more tasty and complex flavors.

If your cigars dry out, they can burn out far too quickly and unevenly when smoking, leading to a disappointing experience. Humidors are essential for preventing cigars from drying out by maintaining humidity levels. Some humidors can provide precise humidity control systems, enabling you to find the perfect level of moisture.

When smoking cigars with your closet pals, a humidor can be an eye-catching display piece and provide an element of sophistication to your smoking experience.

If you have a valuable cigar collection, a humidor ensure will cigars maintain their high quality smoke. Some designs also have incredible security features such as locks, which can provide peace of mind.

If you’ve been researching humidors, you may come across a specific type of humidor manufactured from Spanish cedar. They’re particularly popular within the cigar realm thanks to boasting a range of benefits.

Let’s take a closer look at this style of humidor and see why they’re so loved by cigar enthusiasts.

The benefits of Spanish cedar

When choosing a humidor for your premium stogie’s, consider choosing one manufactured from Spanish cedar. This is an excellent choice of wood that has been used  for humidors since they caught on in the 1800s. The material carries some incredibly distinct properties and characteristics, and can provide many benefits to your stogie stash.

Good durability

Humidors manufactured from Spanish cedar carry excellent durability because the wood type is sturdy and resistant to cracking — even in humid conditions.

This material is also perfect for creating intricate designs and precise fittings for cigar boxes and humidors during manufacturing. Easily shaped, finished, and sealed, Spanish cedar can create an airtight and aesthetically pleasing container for cigar storage.

Moisture regulation

The main reason Spanish cedar is used in humidors and cigar storage is because of its excellent moisture regulation properties. One of the primary functions of a humidor is to maintain a stable level of humidity, so it’s easy to see why Spanish cedar is the preferable material choice.

Spanish cedar wood can absorb and release moisture, helping to maintain an optimal humidity level within the humidor. This is crucial for preserving the quality and flavor of cigars, as they require a specific humidity range to prevent them from drying out or becoming overly moist.

Mold resistance

Another advantage of Spanish cedar is its resistance to mold and fungus. The wood’s natural oils and resins make it less prone to these issues, which can harm the quality of cigars. The presence of Spanish cedar in a humidor helps maintain a clean and mold-free environment, ensuring the cigars remain unharmed.

Insect repellent

Spanish cedar wood contains fantastic natural oils and resins that can deter insects. it’s important to prevent insects and tobacco beetles entering your humidor as they can cause significant damage to your cigars. Opting for a Spanish humidor helps protect against these pests and minimizes the risk of infestation.


Spanish cedar wood carries a distinct and delightful aroma. The wood releases aromatic oils and compounds that provide a wonderful added fragrance to the cigars stored within the humidor, influencing the flavors and character of the cigars over time. This is usually a positive influence, and can enhance the overall smoking experience of your cigars.

Spanish Cedar Humidors

Best Spanish cedar humidor’s

After exploring some of these excellent qualities, you now understand why Spanish cedar is ideal for cigar boxes and humidors. This material option combines functional, practical, and aesthetic qualities, which make it a perfect choice for cigar storage.

Let’s browse some of our favorite JR Cigars Spanish cedar humidors so you can safely store your own cigars at home.


Wesley 40ct Diamond Crown

The Wesley 40 Count- Diamond Crown humidor represents the pride, dedication, and strict attention to detail that makes it worthy of the prestigious Diamond Crown name.

It’s delicately hand-finished in an exotic wood and polished to a high gloss to present a stunning grain. Wesley is fully lined with kiln-dried Spanish cedar, promoting the critical cigar aging process.

This humidor carries a powerful Diamond Crown humidification system, which can help create the perfect environment for storing and aging your precious cigars and ensuring they remain of the highest quality.

Inside this Diamond Crown, you will discover a digital hygrometer to help you monitor and create the perfect storage conditions for up to 40 cigars.

This humidor is delicately lined with a felt-lined bottom to prevent scratches on any surface.

Spanish Cedar Humidors_Wesley 40ct Diamond Crown

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Desktop Ironwood Marquetry

The Ashton Ironwood Marquetry Desktop Cigar Humidor carries a high-gloss finish and ironwood marquetry veneers.

If you look closer at the details, you will notice the stunning chestnut swirl pattern and the seamless checked stripe overlay, providing this humidor with a luxury staple look and incredible sophistication.

This is a masterpiece of humidor form and uses only the finest-aged kiln-dried Spanish cedar for its impressive interior lining. It allows storage for up to 20 of your favorite cigars and can be the perfect storage solution to age your premium smokes.

Spanish Cedar Humidors_Desktop Ironwood Marquetry

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If you’re looking for a unique humidor, explore the dark and light rustic wood grain from The Adirondack Cigar Humidor. This option carries an antique tarnished lock design and a color that complements any office, home, or cigar-smoking space.

Spectacular details, such as tassels and hidden quadrant hinges, match the humidor’s stunning fit and finish. It’s carefully lined with premium kiln-dried cedar to encourage the aging process for up to 100 of your favorite smokes. In addition to having a large storage capacity, you can benefit from a Spanish cedar tray with two dividers, which allows the separation of your brands.

This humidor also carries SureSeal technology to ensure proper lid seal on closure. Benefit from a large rectangular humidifier and glass hygrometer included with the humidor to ensure you are set up and ready to go.

Spansh Cedar Humidor_Adirondack

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    cedars in general not just Spanish cedar also keep many bugs away important when aging cigars

  2. I enjoyed reading about Spanish cedar humidors. Are there any types of cedar wood that should be avoided? How can I tell if my humidor has Spanish cedar or not? Looking forward to reading your other blogs#newcigarfanblogreader

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    I swear by Spanish cedar humidors I own (3) of them I have a (7) drawers which is my pride and joy
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