Top 5 Cigars to Smoke for Nicaraguan Independence Day 2022

September 15, 2022

Nicaraguan Independence Day lands every September 15th and is a national holiday that commemorates the independence of the Central American territories.

Before the arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1502, Nicaragua was an indigenous region. After several colonization attempts over the following decades, Nicaragua fell under Spanish rule as part of the Kingdom of Guatemala. However, after centuries of upset and a final successful rebellion, Nicaragua and its Central American neighbors earned independence from Spanish rule in 1821.

Today, Nicaraguan Independence Day is celebrated across the nation every September 15th. Schools read the Act of Independence of Central America to ensure every student understands the importance of independence and partake in abundant activities. The latter revolves around Nicaraguan culture, including music and dancing.

As continental neighbors, we are fully in support of Nicaraguan Independence Day. And if there’s one way we know how to show our support for their great nation, it’s by celebrating some of their finest tobaccos.

Discover five of the best Nicaraguan cigars to smoke this September 15th and pay homage to the diverse culture of the independent nation.

Montecristo Crafted by AJ Fernandez

While this particular Montecristo variety features elements from other parts of the world, its origins are purely Nicaraguan. The Montecristo Crafted by AJ Fernandez cigars features a wonderfully dark and oily Ecuadorian Sumatra Oscuro wrapper. The binder is a Mexican San Andrés, while the aged long filler tobaccos stem from Nicaragua. 


The cigars offer a powerful, full-bodied smoke that experienced smokers would best enjoy. They’re an incredibly aromatic option, with a delicate blend of sweet and spice that punctuates the base notes of earth, leather, licorice, and espresso. 

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Rocky Patel Decade

The Rocky Patel Decade is going to be a go-to for Nicaragua Independence Day The Rocky Patel Decade will be a go-to for Nicaragua Independence Day 2022 because, aside from the Sumatra wrapper, it’s largely a Nicaraguan cigar. These premium cigars are hand rolled at the Tavicusa factory in Nicaragua, where the deep brown wrapper is carefully handled to encase long filler tobaccos and a fully aged Nicaraguan binder. 


This is another full-bodied smoke that packs a punch. Most of the experience will be dominated by deep notes of wood, coffee, and leather, with just enough spice to give it an extra kick. 

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The ACID Blue Kuba Kuba might not be the most well-known Nicaraguan cigar on this list, but you certainly won’t forget it once you’ve tried it. It’s a hearty stick that boasts Nicaraguan Cuban-seed long filler tobaccos and a Nicaraguan binder. 


You’ve genuinely never tried a cigar like this. The flavor combination is unlike anything else on the market, yet it combines well enough for a profound smoking experience. Oils blend with infused herbs, yet the overall aroma is still sweet and floral. We’ll certainly be reaching for this interesting cigar on Nicaraguan Independence Day.

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Oliva Serie V Melanio

The Oliva family have held their titles of master cigarmakers since Melanio blew into the industry in 1886. His passion was temporarily put on hold while he fought against Spanish rule in the Cuban War of Independence. Still, he quickly returned to continue his trade as an expert tobacconist. He eventually set roots in Nicaragua to use the region’s superb growing conditions, marking his territory for building a cigar empire. 


With a Nicaraguan binder complemented by the similar growing conditions of the Jalapa Valley Ligero long filler tobaccos, the Oliva Serie V Melanio is a particularly special cigar. It’s all wrapped together with an Ecuador Sumatra wrapper, with the three main components of the cigar showcasing the various places Melanio traveled to expand his cigar expertise. The Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper makes this cigar distinctly dark, which evokes the cigar’s strong flavors of leather, coffee, wood, and buttery toast

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JR Edicion Limitada Alternative

We’re rounding off our list of the best Nicaraguan cigars to smoke on Nicaraguan Independence Day 2022 with something extraordinary. The JR Edicion Limitada Alternative boasts a Nicaraguan binder, long filler tobaccos, and origin, all encased in an Ecuador Sumatra wrapper. It’s a medium-full-bodied smoke that could only be achieved from premium growing conditions and expert craftsmanship. 


The first third of this cigar delivers notable hits of chocolate and leather with a generous sprinkle of black pepper. The leather taste remains consistent as you continue to smoke the stick, while the chocolate subdues just enough for the spice of the pepper to take center stage. 

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