Top 5 Cigars from the Unusual Suspect

September 21, 2022

If you think this Top 5 Cigar list is for r Keyser Söze and the boys from the 1995 classic movie “The Usual Suspects”, then think again. Back in the early 2000s, Cigar Press released their 5th volume, issue number 4 which featured then, the rising stars in the cigar industry on the cover. Featured on the cover were Jon Huber of Crowned Heads, Johnathan Drew of Drew Estate Cigars, Matt Booth of Room 101 Cigars, Pete Johnson of Tatuaje Cigars, Dion Giolito of Illusione, and George Rico of Habano Cigars.

Written across the cover of the magazine was “Unusual Suspects”. It featured six new up-and-coming cigar manufacturers to look out for. Who knew all these years later that everyone on that cover of the cigar press issue would not only be successful cigar manufacturers but how each and every one of them has changed the cigar game for the better and influenced hundreds, if not thousands of cigar lovers?

So for this week’s Top 5, we’re featuring five out of six cigars from manufacturers to grace the cigar cover. As we can only fit five cigars into one sampler,  it’s nothing against George Rico and Habano cigars. They’re still a titan in the industry and we have nothing but respect for them.

So without further ado, here are our Top 5 Favorite Cigars from the Unusual Suspects on the now famed Cigar Press cover photo. Don’t forget to get the limited-time sampler at the link below.

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Crowned Heads Mil Dias

Country of Origin – Nicaragua

Wrapper Type – Ecuadorian Habano

Binder – Nicaragua

Filler – Nicaragua/Peru/Costa Rica

Strength – Medium-Full

Size – 6 x 46 Corona Gorda

Smoke Time – 90 minutes

Wrapper Shade – EMS

Leading the way on our Top 5 Cigars from the Unusual Suspects is the smoke that gained all the buzz when it was released in 2020. Crowned Heads has been around a little over 12 years, and many lines from Crowned Heads put them on the map. But Mil Dias seemed to have every novice and educated cigar smoker come together to really enjoy this special project.

Mil Dias, or “1000 Days” in Spanish, stands for the time this blend took from inception to fruition. With every cigar release coming from Crowned Heads, you can Jon has a little more love and affection for this cigar line. It represents the time and patience it takes to make a cigar.

With Jon Huber and Crowned Heads wildly recognized by fans and manufacturers in the community, it has been extremely interesting to see their growth since the release of that Cigar Press issue that featured him.

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Undercrown 10

Country of Origin – Nicaragua

Wrapper Type – Mexican San Andres

Binder – Nicaragua

Filler – Nicaragua

Strength – Medium-Full

Size – 5 x 50 Robusto

Smoke Time – 80 minutes

Wrapper Shade – Maduro

Next up is a cigar from Johnathan Drew and Drew Estate, which was also featured on the cover of the “Unusual Suspects” cigar press cover photo. This cigar came out in 2021 and made major news and waves the moment it was released. The Undercrown 10 was created in order to celebrate Undercrown’s time spent in the industry. Folks at Drew Estate and Undercrown put their all into making the best cigar possible and they did not disappoint.

Landing in the Top 10 for several Cigar of the Year lists last year only solidifies how amazing this cigar from Nicaragua was perceived by a number of people. One thing that makes this smoke so good is the Mexican San Andres wrapper cloaked over this 5 x 50 Robusto.

What I love about this cigar line is how each different size has a complex feature about it. Whether you are smoking the 5 x 50 Robusto, or the 7 x 50 Corona Doble you’re smoking the same delicious tobacco with a differebt experience in each and every puff.

I highly recommend adding any cigar from Undecrown to your humidor, but this award-winning smoke is small and perfect for any time of day to smoke and enjoy.

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Tatuaje Cabaiguan

Country of Origin – Nicaragua

Wrapper Type – Ecuador

Binder – Nicaragua

Filler – Nicaragua

Strength – Medium

Size – 5.25 x 50 Guapos RX

Smoke Time – 80 minutes

Wrapper Shade – EMS

Landing the third spot on our Top 5 Cigars from the “Unusual Suspects” is a smoke from cigar legend Pete Johnson of Tatuaje. The Tatuaje Cabaguan was the first release in 2006 under the watchful eye of Don Pepin himself. When starting his own company in 2003, Pete Johnson knew he had to come out of the gates with a banger to put himself on the map, and boy oh boy is that what he did! and that he did.

At the time of the release of that article, Pete was in his mid-30s and was coming off the high of a Succes he has created for himself with Don Pepin Garcia. So when he ventured off into his own endeavor, he was on the younger side to have a cigar manufacturer. Now fast forward and Pete Johnson is one of the most influential cigar manufacturers to pass along the torch for these up and coming manufacturers.

Available in 17 different sizes, this medium-bodied cigar is rolled at the famous My Father Factory in Nicaragua and comes in boxes of 20. So if you’re looking for a cigar that has delicious flavor notes of earth cocoa notes then this cigar was made for you!

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Illusione Fume D'Amour

Country of Origin – Nicaragua

Wrapper Type – Nicaragua

Binder – Nicaragua

Filler – Nicaragua

Strength – Medium-Full

Size – 7.25 x 40

Smoke Time – 100 Minutes

Wrapper Shade – EMS

The next cigar up on our Top 5 Cigars from the Unusual Suspects comes from the wonderful mind of Dion Giolito. The Illusione Fume D’Amour came out in the summertime of 2007, close to one year of Illusione Cigars was founded. What really put this specific cigar on the map was scoring a 90 or higher on eight different occasions at Cigar Insider. Thirteen years later and Illusione is for the real aficionados throughout the industry.

If you’ve ever seen an interview featuring Dion, you will notice a uniqueness and quietness about him. One should not take offense to it, and realize that Dion is just all about creating the best possible cigar for all of us to enjoy. Only five years after the legendary cigar press cover, this Nicaraguan puro landed the number 3 spot on 2014’s cigar of the year list for Cigar Aficionado. If that didn’t solidify in Dion’s mind that he’s doing something right, I”m not sure what would.

Another aspect of what made this cigar line so recognizable by Cigar Aficionado is the different sizes that come in a delicious box of 25 or 50 for the 4.25 x 42 Lagunas series. For now, all the novices looking for a unique blend and brand to dive into, the Illusione Fume D’Amour is your safest option!

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Room 101 Farce

Country of Origin – Dominican Republic

Wrapper Type – Ecuador Habano

Binder – Indonesia

Filler – USA/Nicaragua/Dominican Republic

Strength – Medium-Full

Size – 5 x 52 Robusto

Smoke Time – 85-90 minutes

Wrapper Shade – EMS

Rounding out this fun and quirky cigar list is none other than Matt Booth and Room 101 cigars. As previously stated, Matt Booth is a man of many talents. Not only does he create cigars, but he also makes watches and jewelry for his celebrity friends and athletes alike. Right before he conducted a self-imposed exile of the industry, he graced the cover alongside five other gentlemen who changed the game forever, Booth included.

The cigar we’re briefly discussing today is the Room 101 Farce Robusto. This 5 x 52 gem utilizes tobaccos from the United States, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Indonesia, and Ecuadorian tobaccos. All different growing options and processes are used for good rather than evil!

The Farce brand as a whole has eleven different-sized cigars, that all come in a box of 20. On average, a pack of five is around $45.For a premium cigar, it’s on average how much these cigars are going for these days.

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