Best cigars for new smokers

November 9, 2023

Best cigars for new smokers

Smoking a cigar for the first time can be an exciting experience, especially if you’ve decided you want to indulge in the exciting world of cigar smoking a little further.

Like most new experiences, you might be a little unsure the first time, especially when there are so many cigars available on the market. With such an extensive range of cigars, it can take a lot of work to narrow down the best cigars for new smokers.

Each cigar provides you with a unique smoking experience, with varying aromas and flavor profiles to sample.

Selecting your first cigars,  cannot be a rushed decision, as it’s vital to make the right choice. The last thing you want to do is ruin your first smoking experience.

The best cigar for a new smoker is one that appeals to your unique taste.

At JR Cigars, we always recommend starting with something mild and manageable. You want to aim for a mellow or medium-bodied cigar. If you opt for a full-bodied cigar, this may be too much for you and can overwhelm your palate and tarnish your smoking experience.

Follow some of our new smoker suggestions for your first stogie and you’ll kickstart your cigar journey the right way.

Should you start with mild cigars?

When suggesting cigars for beginners recommendations generally include mild cigars. These are the best options for beginners, as they’re mild enough to help you develop an appreciation for the flavor.

A delicious mild cigar won’t overpower your palate and can give you a hint of what to expect in the cigar world. It is a great starting point for broadening your cigar knowledge.

When we describe a cigar as mild, this doesn’t mean bland — don’t let the word put you off.

The main components of a cigar are the strength and body. The strength of a cigar refers to the nicotine content. When you puff on a mild-strength cigar, it will have less nicotine compared to a stronger or full-strength cigar.

The body of a cigar is the depth of its flavor. A cigar could be mild in taste but carry a mellow, medium, or full-bodied flavor. This cigar choice can help slowly ease you into the variety of flavors and depths you’re about to discover.

Types of cigars for beginner

When choosing cigars for beginners, sure — you can take advice from experienced smokers and your buddies. But it would help if you remembered everyone’s taste preferences differ.

This makes it essential to explore various brands and cigar types to find the ones that suit you. Remember, cigars are an acquired taste, so take your time to enjoy the experience and savor the different flavors. Eventually, you will discover your favorite, but until then, enjoy embarking on your journey as a new smoker.

Montecristo White Series No. 3

Country of Origin: Dominican Republic

Wrapper: Ecuador Connecticut Shade

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Dominican Republic / Nicaragua

Length: 5.50

Ring: 44

Strength: Medium

Smoke Time: 45-60 Minutes

The Montecristo White No. 3 is a graceful cigar, perfect for a beginner’s first draw. This cigar carries a mild to medium-bodied burn and provides exceptional nutty and earthy with an additional smooth cream.

The No.3 also boasts a delicious aroma that is both welcoming and enjoyable. It’s an incredibly pleasant stick that offers the ideal experience for a new smoker, and is perfect for benchmarking your future smokes.

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ACID Blue Blondie

Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Wrapper: Connecticut Shade

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Length: 4

Ring: 38

Strength: Mellow – Medium

Smoke Time: 35 to 50 Minutes

The ACID Blue Blondie is a delicious sticky as smooth as silk to smoke and leaves delectable hints of sweet candy on the palate.

Expect a delightful, mellow-medium-bodied smoke with impactful flavor notes, including sweet honey hits with added citrus. This cigar has a seductive

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Romeo y Julieta Anejados

Country of Origin: Honduras

Wrapper: Ecuador Connecticut

Binder: Mexico

Filler: Nicaragua / Dominican Republic

Length: 6

Ring: 54

Strength: Mellow

Smoke Time: 90 minutes

Romeo y Julieta Anejados Toro cigar is a handcrafted cigar carefully constructed with a premium blend of long Dominican fillers.

This delightful cigar carries flavors of oak, cedar, earth, and coffee, finalized with a hint of pepper. It’s a mild stick that boasts an excellent flavor profile for your first smoke, and it carries a consistent burn and mellow-bodied smoke that won’t overwhelm your palate.

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Country of Origin: Dominican Republic

Wrapper: Connecticut Shade

Binder: Dominican Republic

Filler: Dominican Republic

Length: 7.50

Ring: 52

Strength: Mellow

Smoke Time: 90 minutes

The Ashton Churchill features aged Dominican tobaccos and presents a flawless burn and exceptional flavors with every puff. When indulging in the cigar you can expect delicious notes of woody, nutty-flavored hits with a hint of spice. This mellow smoke is an excellent starting point for embarking on your cigar journey.

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Don Diego

Country of Origin: Dominican Republic

Wrapper: Connecticut Shade

Binder: Dominican Republic

Filler: Dominican Republic / Nicaragua

Length: 5

Ring: 42

Strength: Mellow

Smoke Time: 65 minutes

The Don Diego Petit Corona is a mellow-bodied smoke that ignites wonderfully sweet flavors of spice, cedar, leather, and cocoa.

This cigar also carries a smooth, creamy taste that elevates its premium profile. It combines delicious flavors and a mellow body to create a calm and milder smoking experience — excellent for kick-starting your cigar journey.

This mellow-bodied smoke features a stunning silky-blonde Connecticut shade wrapper and features the finest aged Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos, making it one not one to be missed.

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