Insidious by Asylum: A Deceptively Delicious Premium Cigar!

May 28, 2019

Insidious by Asylum

Insidious the movie centers on a couple whose son inexplicably enters a comatose state and becomes a vessel for ghosts in another dimension who want to inhabit his body. Insidious by Asylum is master blender Tom Lazuka’s story about a premium cigar that’s smoother, mellower, and creamier than his other Asylum blends. Do you see the connection? … Well, … We sure as Hell don’t! Perhaps Tom was thinking that if he named these sticks something like “Smoothie by Asylum” or “Creamy by Asylum” nobody would buy them!

Now that we’ve wasted your time by nonsensically distinguishing the difference between the movie and this popular cigar, you’re probably wondering… or maybe not… what makes the Insidious by Asylum cigar less powerful than Tom’s other blends. The answer is the wrappers.

Featuring the same bold blend of premium Honduran binder and fillers found in other Asylum offerings, Insidious employs both a seamless golden-brown Ecuador Connecticut, and a savory Mexican Maduro top leaf to tone down the strength a few notches. Now, for the first time, cigar enthusiasts that prefer a mellow smoke can enjoy the great taste of Asylum without feeling the need to lie down and recuperate. All kidding aside though, even hardcore full-bodied cigar fans will find the complex easygoing flavors of sweet cream, nuts, and hints of spice, very satisfying when paired with that first cup of morning coffee.  However, if you’d prefer a healthy dose of sweet chocolate added to the flavor profile, we encourage you to select the Insidious by Asylum cigar covered with a Maduro wrapper, the next time you buy cigars online at JR!

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