Diesel Whiskey Row Cigars

January 3, 2020

Diesel Whiskey Row Cigars

In the last few years, the process of aging cigars in various barrels that once held premium whiskey, bourbon, and beer has become all the rage. Blends from such notable manufacturers as Camacho, Quesada, Perdomo, and others,  have used this method of fermentation with much success because it adds a unique and alluring twist to any flavor profile.

Now, famous master blender AJ Fernandez has thrown his hat into the barrel-aged cigar arena with his hot new line of Diesel Whiskey Row cigars.

To create a process that’s unlike any other, these top-notch cigars start off with a Mexican San Andrés binder that has been aged in barrels that previously held Rabbit Hole bourbon. This enormously popular bourbon has garnered a huge following for its honey, orange, mint and black pepper tasting notes.

The remnants of the barrel are now more subdued,  but add lovely nuances and aromas to the rest of a blend that includes a five-year-old Ecuadorian Habano wrapper and Nicaraguan long-fillers sourced from three of the top growing regions in the country. Namely, Condega, Esteli, and Jalapa.

Diesel Whiskey Row cigars provide an unforgettable medium-bodied smoking experience that exhibits exceptionally smooth and distinctively delicious notes of earth, oak, cedar, chocolate, and brown sugar. During the length of the smoke, you’ll also detect some smoky sweetness in both flavor and aroma imparted by the remaining nuances of the  Rabbit Hole Bourbon barrel.

AJ’s first venture into bourbon barrel aging results in a tantalizing four vitola line that truly displays his adventurous and distinguished modern blending style.

Diesel Whiskey Row is a must-try for those who have fallen in love with barrel-aged cigars, so don’t hesitate to order some today!

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