Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Cigars

January 6, 2020

Arturo Fuente  Don Carlos Cigars

Arturo Fuente cigars were founded. in 1912 in West Tampa, Florida as a local brand with limited local distribution.  Following the 1962 United States embargo of Cuban products, the Fuente family under the leadership of Carlos Fuente Sr. began a  period of slow and steady growth,  emerging as one of the most famous manufacturers of hand-rolled cigars outside of Cuba.

The renowned Fuente family lives by the motto “we will never rush the hands of time.” And, it’s this commitment to quality that makes Fuente some of the most sought-after cigars by discerning enthusiasts around the world.

Today with a huge portfolio of highly-rated blends, all following this strict mission statement, Arturo Fuente Don Carlos cigars are widely considered the best of the best… and that sure is saying a lot!

This special blend was crafted by Carlos Fuente Jr. to honor his father, the patriarch of the Arturo Fuente brand and the namesake of this artisanal masterpiece. The cigars feature only the best binder and long filler tobaccos carefully, and secretively grown on the families’ famous Chateau de la Fuente farm in the Dominican Republic. Then, these perfectly aged estate-grown tobaccos are expertly covered by a toothy and toasty genuine Cameroon wrapper from Africa.

Billed as a medium to full-bodied smoke, Don Carlos is so incredibly smooth and creamy on the palate,  that smokers of all experience levels will savor its rich and rewarding flavors of sweet spice, cocoa, cinnamon, and roasted nuts. Soothing to the senses, Fuente’s signature sweet tobacco aroma, adds to the overall smoking enjoyment.

In addition to its luxurious character, aroma,  and taste, The Fuente family’s commitment to quality is evident in the cigar’s top-notch construction, remarkably slow burn, and easy draw.

The Arturo Fuente Don Carlos has earned a coveted 94 rating from  Cigar Aficionado, among tons of other top reviews from industry publications and the cigar smoking community alike. Isn’t it time that you get your hands on a single, 5-pack, or cedar chest of 25, and join the legions of satisfied smokers that love Don Carlos Cigars?

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