Top 10 Cigars For Spring

April 11, 2018

Top 5 Cigars for Spring 2022

Spring is on its way and with those last few weeks of winter breezing by us, we cigar lovers know that can mean only one thing: no more quick-outside, garage smokes in the freezing cold. It’s time to put away the down jacket, pack up those snow boots, and break out the lawn chairs and coolers to enjoy some well-deserved time in the sun with a couple of good premium cigars as we spring forward to warmer days.

Whether you spend your season of new beginnings on the course, at the track, behind the grill, or just from the comfort of your patio, we think this year’s list of top 5 springtime cigars will surely jump-start your springtime vibes into motion.

Ranging from full-flavored to full-bodied, we’ve got some unbelievable gems featured, from Dunbarton to Undercrown, that will have your taste buds in full bloom with JR’s 2022 Top 5 cigars for spring. So be sure to check out the link below for this limited-time springtime sampler pack, only available at JR

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Alec & Bradley Wagyu

Who doesn’t love a good steak? In anticipation of sparking up the grill and a meal meant for springtime weather, why not enjoy a cigar of equal flavor and delectability in homage to the finest beef on the market with the Alec and Bradley Wagyu.

That’s right, famed cigar sons and manufacturer Alec and Bradley Rubin have crafted the umami of cigars with their Wagyu A5+ for the food lover in all of us. Created in partnership to celebrate JR’s 50th anniversary, this one-of-a-kind cigar is exquisitely savory and rich with beefy flavors of cedar, oak, almond, and wheat that tops off with the perfect amount of spice.

Hand-rolled in a 6 x 52 toro, this medium to full-bodied gem features a San Andres wrapper, Cuban seed Honduran Habano binder, and an all-star blend of aged four-county long-filler tobaccos that produce dark, rich, and creamy springtime flavors that pair perfectly with whatever dish you plan on grilling behind that BBQ this spring.

At $110 for a box of 10, this premium cigar is well worth the $11 per stick price tag just for how damn tasty it is; and luckily for you, this wagyu won’t cost you a shank, rib, or loin to get your hands on one.

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Macanudo Inspirado Green Robusto

Springtime is a tapestry of fresh new colors blooming all around us. From fields of fresh-cut green grass to the sprouting leaves on the trees, and who could forget St. Patrick’s day. Clearly, we here at JR have green on our mind when it comes to spring; so, we decided to go green with our second pick and light up with the newest addition to the award-winning Macanudo Inspirado line, the Inspirado Green.

Bound in Indonesian leaves and filled with Dominican long-fillers, the Macanudo Inspirado Green is a dark, rich, and mild Maduro that is unique to its predecessors with its rare Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper that packs flavors of black pepper, dark roast coffee, and earth.  The aromatic experience of the Inspirado Green is hypnotic and exhilarating, and while I paired it with a Captin Lawrence Clearwater-Kolsch, this cigar can go with any good German Kolsch or imperial ale.

The Macanudo Inspirado Green goes for around $140-$160 per box of 25 or just about $6 per stick for a choice of six different vitola sizes. So whether you’re planning on spending the day at the range, or a night out with buddies, there’s an Inspirado Green made for just about everyone.

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Dunbarton Sobremesa Brulee Toro

D.H. Lawrence once said “The living self has one purpose only: to come into its own fullness of being, as a tree comes into full blossom, or a bird into spring beauty”, as does the perfect batch of tobacco that has been harvested, fermented, and rolled with master blender intentions in mind. Steve Saka and his team over at Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust have taken this idea of fullness to explored and reimagine their ever-popular Sobremesa to lighten things up for a sweeter, brighter, and even creamier purpose with the “desert” of cigars, the Sobremesa Brulee.

Cloaked in an Ecuadorian Connecticut shade wrapper for mild and sweeter fullness, the Sombremesa Brulee is silky with a nuttiness that balances out the complex sweet flavors of this beautifully golden-brown talking piece. Many have made claims saying this cigar must be sweet-tipped or infused with flavors because of the true sweetness you get from even the cold draw. But Steve swears, after a lengthy blind taste test of a well-respected cigar industrialist, that the sweetness tasted in this 5.25 x 52 gem is in fact the natural flavors coming from the tobaccos used in the Sombremesa’s blend, and after tasting it for myself it’s quite impressive.

With a cappuccino and a fluffy flaked pastry, the Sombremesa Brulee will spring your palette to life with its complex aromas of caramel, cedar, and pecan, enveloping you in those perfect café vibes. Hand-rolled in four delectable parejos, the Sombremesa Brulee ranges from $140 – $160 per box of 13, depending on your size of choice, for a blend that is so good you’ll want to splurge on dessert every time for a cigar this timeless when shared over relaxing table talk.

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Undercrown Shade

Coming in at our number 4 spot, we decided to stick with the theme of sweet and go with a personal favorite of mine, the Undercown Shade. Rolling out of the Drew Estate factory to expand the brands popular Liga Privada 9 blend, the Undercrown Shade is a fuller flavored sweet cigar that utilizes an Ecuadorian Connecticut shade wrapper that gives it a sweeter, smoother, and creamier flavor profile with warm notes of almonds and wheat that matches so well with the springtime season.

Using a variety of vintage Dominican Criollo 98’ long-filler tobaccos and being bound in a Sumatra grown binder, the Undercrown Shade hints subtle notes of spice, honey, and toast for an enticing full-body experience that handles more mellow all the way down the burn of this exquisite stick.

Sold as a toro and grand toro in boxes of 10, the Undercrown Shade ranges from $12 – $18 per stick. Bring one of the pricier cigars on our list, we recommend you try this one at least once to truly taste and see the passion of what the fine folks at Drew Estate have put into this luxurious and flawless build of a cigar.

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Trinidad Espiritu

From full-flavored to full-bodied and back again; our final pick for our springtime smokes we think you’ll absolutely enjoy this season is bold and flavorful. Coming out of the Altadis catalog, the Trinidad Espiritu is what I would say encapsulates springtime with its rich floral and warm flavor notes to its complexly full, deep Maduro body.

Blended in collaboration between master blenders Rafael Nodal and Aj Fernandez, the Trinidad Espiritu is a blast from the past with flavors that are blended to replicate and reminisce many of the popular blends crafted in the late 60s and early 70s. Although springtime is a time for change and new beginnings, there is always room for remembrance of what once was, especially when it brings back good memories. The Espirit is just that, a vintage full-bodied and flavorful cigar that achieves a timeless taste of premium cigars of once was.

With notes of vanilla, cedar, white pepper, and a spark of citrus, The Trinidad Espiritu is a rich Nicaraguan puro that is luscious and bold with flawless construction. A box of 20 will cost you around $180-$200, depending on one of four sizes available to pick from, but if you like spicy cigars, this is the perfect blend for you.

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Top Cigars for Spring 2021

Springtime is here and I think I can vouch for everyone when I say I’m so ready for refreshing weather! The beautiful breeze mixed with warm weather allows me to get back to enjoying cigars outside and not in my garage next to a space heater! So, what a better way to go over our top cigars for spring!

Back in 2018, we shared our ten favorite cigars to smoke when the springtime rolls around. For this year, we added some delicious smokes from Drew Estate, Padron, and other amazing companies! Without further ado, here are the top five cigars to enjoy in the springtime.

Don’t forget to get the limited-time sampler at the link below.

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Casa Fernandez Guardian of the Farm

Why I picked this specific cigar to lead off the list was due to the flawlessly rolled that’s prized with vintage tobaccos. Guardian of the Farm by Casa Fernandez was a joint collaboration between Max Fernandez of Casa Fernandez and Kyle Gellis of Warped Cigars. These stunning hand-rolled smokes are named in the honor of the guard dogs who’ve watched over the Aganorsa farms in Nicaragua.

This Nicaraguan puro uses Corojo ’99 and Criollo ’98 tobaccos for the wrapper, binder, and filler! This classic Lonsdale has delicious flavor notes of cashews, spice, cedar, and sweet tobacco on the backend. This 6 x 44 gem is a great smoke to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather with this gorgeous-looking smoke.

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Macanudo Inspirado Orange

Macanudo Inspirado Orange started out as a European exclusive smoke. Shortly after that, the brand moved over to the United States and became on the Top 25 Cigars of the Year list in 2017. This cigar has delicious flavors that flow throughout and would pair nicely with a springtime beverage for all to enjoy.

Cloaked in a Honduras wrapper, with a binder from Honduras, and fillers from the Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Nicaragua, the Inspirado Orange comes in a delicious 5.75 x 52 size. This medium to full-bodied smoke has delicious flavor notes of hazelnut, caramel, sweet cedar, and white pepper on the backend. The eye-catching bright orange band with a beautiful color wrapper is worth the purchase to kick off the springtime activities!

Herrera Esteli

Next is the highly touted cigar from Drew Estate, the Herrera Esteli Broadleaf! This long, lean smoke is loaded with rich-Cuban style flavors for the seasoned smoker to enjoy. Named after their black, oily, and scrumptious Broadleaf Maduro wrappers, the tobaccos used for the Herrera Esteli are from the Drew Estate farms in the Estelí region in Nicaragua. The fertile soil in that region produces the finest aged tobaccos in all of South America.

Cloaked in a gorgeous Broadleaf wrapper, while having Nicaraguan tobaccos that make up the binder and filler, this full-bodied Lancero is the perfect size to enjoy the beautiful springtime. Flavor notes you’ll detect while smoking the Herrera Esteli Broadleaf Lancero are chocolate, black cherry, earth, and cream! This Cuban-inspired creation comes in a box of 15, so make sure to stop by our website today and make this award-winning blend a permanent cigar in your humidor.

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Espinosa Laranja Reserva

I usually like to enjoy the Laranja Reserva by Espinosa cigars poolside with a beer in hand. However, this cigar is just meant to be enjoyed immediately once the weather is consistently nice outside. Manufactured at the famous La Zona Factory in Nicaragua, the Laranja Reserva was created under the guidance of cigar guru Erik Espinosa. Combining creativity with skillfully blending skills, Espinosa has created one of the strongest gems in the industry to date.

This medium to full-bodied, 5.63 x 46 smoke is cloaked in a Brazilian wrapper, with binder and filler tobaccos that hail from Nicaragua. The Laranja Reserva Corona Gorda brims with delicious notes of spice, black pepper, citrus, hazelnut, and cedar. If you’re looking for something exciting for your palate to enjoy, then this masterpiece belongs in everyone’s hand once the springtime has officially arrived!

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Padron Family Reserve

Taking the cigar world by storm in 2009, the Padron Family Reserve quickly became one of the most winningest and prestigious cigars within the industry.

The 44 Years comes in a 6 x 52 pyramid shape that is boasting with well-balanced and exceptional flavor notes. This medium-bodied, Nicaraguan puro has delicious flavors of cedar, black coffee, pepper, and earth that would pair nicely with a whiskey.

These truly fine cigars made by Padron are a reward to the smoker that has unique tastes and will give you a diverse smoking experience you will cherish forever.

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Top Cigars for Spring 2018

Get the RoMa Craft Aquitaine Here:

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The flowers are blooming and the grass is getting greener. So what a better way to go over my top 10 cigars for spring. Whether you are doing yard work or relaxing on your deck enjoying the weather these cigars are perfect for your beautiful spring day. Go to to get your box today.


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