Top 10 Cigars to impress your Boss

November 9, 2015

If you’re trying to get ahead at work, obviously, the most important person that you want to impress is your boss. Your boss is the person with the best potential to advance your career since he or she has the most direct control over your day-to-day activities. To get ahead at the job or at the very least make your day rewarding, you must exhibit leadership qualities and strive to get all of your assignments completed in a timely and proficient manner, with as few mistakes as possible. This in turn may lead to another step up the corporate ladder. Since (Lester) your boss, hands out the work and all of the top projects, if he has any plans to be promoted, with your stellar performance, you may just be the guy (or gal) that he winds up grooming to somebody take his old spot.

Now, if the big man just happens to be a cigar smoker, there may be a quicker way to advance your career, even if you are a complete “Fu#K” up. How, you ask? Just buy your boss (Lester) a box of cigars this holiday season- Hell, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure this out! This will not only make you look better in his eyes, it will also save you many nauseating hours of ass kissing.

What do you buy the jerk- I mean boss? Well that depends on a few things, such as his age, his preference-cheapo stogies or premium, and lastly how serious is he about the hobby. If his last cigar was smoked at his sons Bar Mitzvah in 1986, just about any brand will do. If you really want that open position in Accounts payable, you were smart enough, did some detective work, and found out that he smokes – let us say- Punch Pita Cigars. Congratulations- your work is completed! Just wait until a day before the office holiday shindig and present them to him. Why so late -you ask – because cigars are perishable, and if not properly humidified, they will be stale upon presentation – but I’m sure you knew that.

In most cases, we don’t get up close and personal enough to talk cigars with our superiors, in fact for some, it’s hard enough saying good morning without throwing up in their mouths- but I digress – so I have put a list together of the 10 best cigars to buy your boss.
If your boss is young, stylish, (30-something) up to date on every new release, and craves new and exciting blends, the following will surely suit his lifestyle and tastes.

1. Edgar Hoill OSOK – Known for their distinctive pyramid shape, this medium to full bodied pure Nicaraguan blend delivers full-bodied notes of rich cocoa, lush molasses and savory coffee.

2. Asylum 13 – You would have to be nuts not to love this cigar! Asylum 13 cigars feature a blend of Nicaraguan long-fillers grown with Cuban seeds. These premium plus-size sticks fill the palate with hints of cocoa, espresso, and spice, for a rich satisfying flavor. Despite its massive size, the Asylum 13 is known for a slow, cool burn and a razor sharp finish.

3. Room 101 Johnny Tobacconaut – show that little prodigy in the front office that you are just as hip as he is, by presenting him with this funky, yet top-quality medium to full flavored boutique cigar. He will simply love the “out of this world” flavors of spice, leather, pepper, and earth. In addition, the cool box makes for an excellent presentation.

The more conservative young-to middle aged smoker looking for a modern smoke with less edgy appeal, will gravitate to the more traditional, highly rated brands such as ….

4. Don Pepin Garcia Series JJ – Don Pepin Garcia crafted the “Serie JJ” Cigar with his son, Jamie and named it after him. The Serie JJ, with its layered flavors of pepper, cedar, and spice is enough to rival even the finest Cuban cigars.

5. Liga Privada No. 9 – Number 1 on just about every super-premium smokers list, Liga Privada No.9 is teeming with lush, earthy, espresso-like flavors, and a scintillating sweet aroma.

6. Rocky Patel The Edge – Mr.Patel is considered the founding father of the famous boutique-style cigar. One of the hottest cigars in the country, the Edge will fill your mouth with rich full-bodied Cuban style flavors that include spice, leather, earth, chocolate, and cedar.

Veteran smokers have a tendency to stick with the classics, and many still enjoy those great sticks they grew up with, so these timeless classics are sure to bring tears of joy to Lester’s eyes.

7. Macanudo – Expertly handcrafted by General Cigar, Macanudo needs no introduction. It is one of America’s bestselling premium cigars. Creamy smooth and mild, these delicious smokes have been satisfying cigar enthusiasts for over 40 years.

8. Don Diego – considered one the finest premium Dominican cigars ever produced, Don Diego cigars have been around for many decades, and deliver silky smooth flavor, a magnificent sweet aroma, and flawless construction.

9. H. Upmann Special Seleccion– One of the oldest brands in existence, H.Upmann has become the staple smoke for the corporate executive type. Every puff delivers lavish notes of nuts, almond, leather, sweet spice, and cream. Each Special Seleccion cigar is individually sleeved in cedar to allowing the smoke to further, age, marry, and mellow its delicious flavors.

10. Montecristo – The Montecristo, the world’s most famous marque, maintains its reputation as one of the finest cigars on the market and the standard by which other cigars are judged. Well known for smooth taste, balanced complexity, and flawless construction, this classy smoke will undoubtedly make the perfect gift for that cigar smoker in your life- even if it’s just the boss!

Please bear in mind that all of these recommendations are just a basic guide, because as many of you know, there is a ton of information needed to find the right cigar for just about anyone, and taste is very subjective. What I can tell you is that every single cigar on this list delivers extraordinary flavor, outstanding artisanship, and are some of our best-sellers.
If all of this seems like too much effort just to impress the boss, then just buy him a crappy bottle of wine. Just don’t get mad when dimwitted Lloyd Flanders (who read this article) gets that dream job you’ve been yearning for.


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  1. Jessica Farillas says:

    Wish I could buy a box with all of the cigars you just named! Thanks so much for writing this article it definitely helped and yes im shopping for my boss ! I have no idea what kind but now I have 10 to chose from ! Thanks again

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