How to Smoke a Cigarillo

February 3, 2021

How to Smoke a Cigarillo

The cigarillo world is ever-expanding, and premium offerings are constantly being added to the market. Although cigarillos are small, there are so many unique blends and offerings out there, we recommend you try at least one.

In this article, we will go through the history of the cigarillo, how to properly smoke one, what you can pair them with, and much more.

The history of cigarillos

The exact time and place where cigarillos were invented aren’t known, but they go way back. The actual word “cigarillo” has been recorded from as early as 1832!

As Spain dominated the cigar market in the past, it is likely that cigarillos were originally Spanish. However, cigarillos quickly became very popular in European markets and around the world.

At first, many regulatory laws surrounded the product specifications for cigarillos. This included that cigarillos had to be rolled by hand, which led to lower production rates.

However, in the 1950s, the legal standards were less strict and meant that machines could produce cigarillos.

Once the laws were relaxed, cigarillos were exported worldwide, and their popularity began to grow. One main reason for the popularity of cigarillos is their convenience compared to the average cigar. A cigarillo can be smoked in much less time and are perfect for the travelling cigar smoker.

What is a cigarillo?

A cigarillo is a small-sized “miniature” smoke that contains many of the same characteristics as a standard cigar.

The size of a cigarillo can vary between three to five inches and because of this, can be smoked quite quickly. Cigarillos are wrapped in tobacco leaves or tobacco paper and do not come with filters.


How to Smoke a Cigarillo

How to smoke a cigarillo

Once you’ve got your chosen pack of cigarillos, take one out and place the end between your lips. Light the tapered end; you can do this by using a lighter or a match. Are you supposed to inhale cigarillos? Similar to a normal cigar, you should not be inhaling cigarillos’ smoke when smoking them. It is quite literally a mini cigar.

Cigarillo etiquette you need to know

It is important to note that cigarillo etiquette is slightly different from the standard cigar smoking etiquette.

Cigars are often smoked after dinner, whereas cigarillos are ideal for cocktail parties or casual smoking. Due to their small size, they burn quite fast, which makes them perfect for informal settings.

However, just because the cigarillo is small, this does not mean it is a race to finish the smoke. Take your time and enjoy the flavors.

Cigarillos and cigars share some smoking etiquette, such as not smoking during a meal and knocking any built-up ash into the ashtray.

If you’re open to sharing your cigarillos with fellow smokers, offer them the box rather than handing them one individually and offer your lighter or matches rather than lighting for them.

How to Smoke a Cigarillo

What can you pair with a cigarillo?

Like a standard cigar, you can pair your cigarillo with various drinks and foods. When choosing what to pair your cigarillo with, it is important to consider flavors and strengths to complement that smoke.

For example, a full-bodied and full-flavored cigarillo will work well with a strong beverage, whereas a light smoke will work better with a drink such as prosecco or champagne.

Although you can pair certain foods with your cigarillo, as we previously mentioned, it is best to have your smoke after a meal. A cigarillo is a casual smoke that won’t take up too much time.

For example, if your cigarillo of choice is the Davidoff Nicaragua Primero, this is quite a rich and full-bodied smoke. Try pairing this cigarillo with scotch or bourbon; this flavorful drink will work great due to its existing flavors.

Top cigarillos for beginners

If you’re new to smoking cigarillos or if you’re looking to get some for the future, there are plenty to choose from. The sticks have a pretty decent shelf life due to being almost universally sold in stay-fresh tins or pouches.

Here are some of the top cigarillos from premium brands that are perfect for beginners.

How to Smoke a Cigarillo

Davidoff Cigarillos

Davidoff Cigars are known throughout the cigar market as being the symbol of the luxury smoking lifestyle. Alongside their impressive construction, they are known for consistency and distinct flavors.

Davidoff didn’t limit its brand to just cigars, the company has created a fantastic line of luxury cigarillos. These magnificent cigarillos are crafted by hand and are available in a plethora of styles and flavors.

In fact, Davidoff Mini Cigarillos Silvers are a great cigarillo for when you don’t have much time. The mini-stogie boasts aged long-leaf fillers from Brazil and Indonesia, which creates a creamy and smooth smoke.

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ACID Cigarillos

ACID Cigarillos were created to transform smokes to a new level. The tobacco leaf used within these cigarillos is infused with herbs and botanicals, which provides a wave of unique and contemporary flavors.

The most well-known cigarillo line from ACID is the ACID Frenchies. They are constructed with Sumatra wrappers, a Nicaraguan binder, and premium filler tobaccos. The infusion of secret herbs and botanicals adds an extra special element to these cigarillos.

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Montecristo Classic

If you’ve entered the world of cigars in the past, you will be familiar with the Montecristo brand. Montecristo is one of the most famous and premium cigar brands in the entire world.

As an all-rounder, the brand created the Montecristo Classic Mini Cigarillos. Whether you’re an expert or a novice, these smokes are ideal for smokers of any level. They are perfectly balanced in flavor and a fantastic choice for when you’re short on time.

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The Ashton brand is consistently creating luxury smoking experiences for the market and Ashton cigarillos are affordable and packed with flavor.

The cigarillos are medium-bodied and crafted in Belgium using African tobacco, which is expressed through the unique flavors. If you’re searching for a luxury smoke for on the go, the Ashton cigarillos are a perfect choice.

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Swisher Sweets

Swisher Sweets is one of the most famous cigarillo brands in the US and was introduced in 1958. Swisher itself, however, goes way back to 1861 and will celebrate its 150 anniversary this year.

Swisher Sweets’ portfolio has grown over the years and now includes luxury flavors, such as chocolate, peach, and cherry.

Smoke Swisher Sweets is definitely a pleasant experience. Alongside its list of cigars, the brand is famous for its Swisher Sweets Cigarillos Original. These tasty cigarillos boast a blend of sweet flavors and won’t break the bank.

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