Cigar Etiquette: Bring Enough Cigars to Share

June 17, 2022

Enjoying a cigar-smoking session with a group of your favorite enthusiasts provides a bond that dates back many centuries.

Nowadays, in this politically correct culture that we live in, many of us are accustomed to getting snubbed or scorned by those who dislike the smell of cigars, thus forcing us to share an unspoken alliance that’s stronger than ever.

If you’re new to smoking premium cigars, and you have invited your smoking pals over for an informal gathering at your tastefully decorated man cave, the number #1 rule is very simple; bring enough cigars to share! First off, get a headcount of those joining you for this smoking session, and bring enough cigars for everyone. Don’t assume that your buddies who normally turn down a cigar will do so. You’d be surprised by the number of people who change their minds when everyone else around them is lighting up. Also, many folks are inherently cheap and will take anything you give them as long as it’s free, but I digress.

Next, spare yourself the embarrassment of someone asking to take a puff off your cigar before taking one for themselves. For seasoned smokers with a bit of cigar smoking etiquette, it’s almost impossible to conceive of sharing a single cigar without gagging or becoming totally repulsed.

However, this is a practice that’s common to some newbies who have no fear of germs, or the lack of class that they are displaying. Set them straight in a polite manner so that it will never happen again. Or you can just stand up and demand that they leave your home immediately, but this, of course, is the least favorable option.

When you’re smoking with your friends, hopefully, everyone will bring their own cigar. However, as mentioned above, a few stragglers may just show up for the excellent company and a few hands of poker, and decide that today is the day to smoke their first cigar and find out what all the fuss is about.

If you’re hosting a herf for your buddies, don’t limit your cigar selection to one brand or type of cigar, but rather Include a few different blends, sizes, and strength profiles. Let your pals know who’s bringing what, so you’ve got a nice variety of cigars that will accommodate every style of smoker in attendance.

While it’s diplomatic and very generous to offer everyone the same prized cigar, handing a strong and peppery full-bodied smoke to someone who’s an occasional smoker is a recipe for disaster.

Smoking a cigar that’s too bold and rich for your palate will cause you to become sweaty and sick, a dreadful scenario that many smokers have experienced at least one time or another during their cigar smoking journey.

That said, it’s essential to pick up some mellow, medium-bodied, and stronger alternatives for your friends. Even more important is mixing up the prices. While some of the guys are true cigar connoisseurs who can detect rich flavor and quality expressions, the newbie sitting next to them may not know the difference between a good cigar and a bad one.

Let’s face it; nothing infuriates a cigar lover more than somebody who asks for a cigar and only takes one or two puffs before discarding it in an ashtray. Bottom line: If you really don’t want a cigar, or you don’t think you can handle one, don’t feel obligated to take it.

Politely declining the offer is better than wasting a premium handmade cigar that was a valuable asset to someone’s hard-earned stash. On the other hand, if everyone that’s attending your stogy bash fancies themselves as a bonafide cigar aficionado, trading cigars with each other is a great way to expand your palate by discovering some brands that may have remained under your radar.

It also creates a greater comradery by sharing your opinion on a variety of cigars that may be a staple in your fellow smokers’ humidors. Lastly, but certainly not “leastly”, provide enough matches, lighters, and ashtrays to accommodate all the attendees.

Waiting for a bunch of guys to pass around one torch, or elbowing you in the noggin while trying to reach for an ashtray is a scenario you will want to avoid at all costs!

To summarize, bringing enough cigars to share and the right ones for everyone who shows up will undoubtedly make you the star of the show at your next planned smoking session.

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