What is a Churchill Size Cigar?

May 13, 2022


Popular due to the name, today we are talking about Churchill cigars and what they are.

Churchill is a large cigar named after Winston Churchill, who served two separate periods as British Prime Minister in the early 20th century. Well-known due to his love for long cigars (as well as his military tactics in WWII), Churchill loved to smoke the best cigars Cuba had to offer.

Churchill was known to constantly smoke Romeo y Julieta Cubans in his preferred “Double Corona” size. Years later, Romeo y Julieta devised the first and most popular Churchill cigars to commemorate the late, great Winston Churchill. The size of a typical Churchill is anywhere between 7 to 8 inches long, with a ring gauge of 44 inches to 52 inches.

Falling in and out of the limelight throughout the years, Churchill cigars seem to be making a resurgence back into the humidors and hearts of the cigar lovers out there.

Although Churchill cigars are on the larger side of the spectrum, we always follow the famous words of Michael Herklots of Ferio Tego – “Churchill is a perfect example to tell us the full story of the cigars journey”.

Bringing the right amount of thickness to it and combined with the right amount of length, Churchill-sized cigars will give you the full-on story of what this specific cigar is trying to say to our smokers.

With a smoke time of 90-100 minutes, Churchill cigars are meant to be smoked for relaxation and celebration. If you plan to light up a Churchill, then you’re looking to be there for quite some time.

Some of my favorite Churchill-Sized Cigars I love to smoke are the H. Upmann 175th, Romeo y Julieta Reserve, Ashton, and of course the Davidoff Winston Churchill. You can see why in our Davidoff Winston Churchill Review.

For the best Churchill floating around the industry, make sure to stop by our website today to try a Churchill-Sized Cigar!


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