Father’s Day Buying Guide 2020

June 19, 2020

Cigar Gifts for Dad on Father’s Day 2020

Father’s Day is seen as one of the high holy days in the cigar retail industry.  Along with the Christmas Season and Memorial Day, Father’s Day is when we see some of our highest volumes.  This is because cigar smoking is a mostly male-dominated hobby.  Although we have seen a significant influx of women not only in the community but on the business side as well, it is safe to say that most cigar smokers are men.

So, when you have a holiday dedicated to the great men in your life, picking up a great cigar gift is a good idea.  The problems you might run into are ones I hear every day. “I know nothing about cigars; I don’t know what he smokes, he has so many cigars”.  So, here we have this great buying guide to help you on your journey for the perfect Father’s Day Gift.

Gift Card

We will start here just because it is the easiest way to guarantee you get your dad something he likes.  Gift cards are valid on our site from the moment they are activated, which you can do yourself before you send it.  You can enter any amount you want and leave it up to your dad on what they would like to use it for.

While a gift card is nice and easy, it doesn’t exactly have what I would call a personal touch.  With a tiny bit of research, you can find out what your dad likes to smoke or what accessories he needs and give him something great.


I always think samplers are a perfect cigar-related gift.  If you are unsure what the recipient likes to smoke, you can give them an array of options, one of which they are sure to enjoy.  Then you will know for next time which cigar was their favorite.  We have samplers that are organized by price, strength, size, country of origin, and anything else you can imagine, so there is an option for everyone.

The Dominican Luxury Sampler always gets my highest recommendations.  It is one of our best-selling samplers and contains some of the most popular and well-known cigars in the world.  Even someone who isn’t a big cigar smoker is sure to recognize some of the names.  This pack has cigars from such esteemed companies as Montecristo and Romeo y Julieta, for a great price.  This is just one example of the many great samplers you can pick up for Dad.

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Accessories and Gift Sets

Another fantastic gift to surprise your dad would be to peruse through our wide array of cigar accessories and gift sets.  As a serious cigar smoker, I always tell people I’d rather pick out my own smokes, but an accessory is always welcome.  Whether it be a cutter, lighter, or an ashtray, a cigar smoker is always in constant need of a set of tools.

Let’s start with the cigar smokers’ most valued accessory, a cutter.  We have a vast inventory of top of the line lighters, each that would make perfect gifts.  For something extra special, I would go with a cutter from Xikar. They are of the highest quality, have unique designs, and they have a lifetime warranty.  We have some that are branded with specific cigar logos, but if you want something that is just flashy, I’d go for the XO Cutter with the Redwood Trim.  

If you are looking to impress the old man, an accessory gift set is a perfect option.  We have gift sets with every combination you can think of; such as cutters and lighters, cutters, and ashtrays, or all three.  This Rose Gold Gift Set is absolutely stunning, but if your father were in the service, I would also recommend this military-themed set.

While I believe you should show appreciation and respect for your father every day of the year, Father’s Day is the one time of year where the focus should really be on them.  Make sure to treat them to something special.



Xikar Rose Gold Gift Set


Xikar XO Phantom Redwood Cigar Cutter


Xikar Military Gift Set



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