A Buying Guide for Filtered Cigars

June 23, 2020

Filtered Cigars Buying Guide

You are probably wondering, what the heck is a filtered cigar? Filters are primarily used on other tobacco products to take the natural tobacco taste and smoothen it out. While premium cigars do not use a filter, as people are looking for that natural tobacco taste, there are quite a few popular machine-made products that do use a filter.

For this section of our buying guide, we are going to exam some of the popular filtered cigars. These remain some of the best-selling cigars on the market, as they appeal to a larger, generic demographic. Several brands make an outstanding product, so don’t be biased just because you see the words machine-made or filtered. Take a look at some of the best-filtered cigars.

A Buying Guide for Filtered Cigars

Djarum Cigars

Djarum is a popular tobacco company based out of Indonesia. While many might be familiar with their signature Black, clove style cigarettes; they are also one of the largest manufacturers of filtered cigars in the world.  They have a wide range of products that cover a variety of different flavor preferences, all while using filters to create a smooth and lush smoking experience.

If you are looking for the signature Djarum taste, I would suggest going with the original Black Filtered Cigars.  They have a signature spice to them that creates a more well-rounded and complex profile.  If you are more of a fan of flavored products, they have a line known as the Ruby Black Cherry that adds in just the right amount of sweetness and fruit flavor.

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Seneca is a line of Native American filtered cigars that are well renowned for their variety of flavor and their quality.  They offer a wide range of products for different flavor preferences, including flavored and non-flavored options.  They come in soft packs, with each cigar using a filter to create that smooth smoking experience.

The Seneca Red, also known as the full-flavored, is their signature line. Its rich, full tobacco flavors are slightly softened by the filtered but remain consistent and complex throughout.  For the flavored cigar fan, they also have some terrific flavored options such as vanilla, cherry, or grape.

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Dreams Filtered Cigars

It says it right there in the name; these little filtered cigars are a dream.  The Dreams remain a very popular filtered option due to their high quality, full flavor, and unique flavor options.  They use a blend of high-quality tobaccos along with a unique filter that creates an incredibly smooth yet still complex flavor.

Their unique flavor options make them ideal for pairing with a tasty beverage.  The Dreams VSOP offers up notes of Remy Martin, making it perfect for pairing with brandy or cognac.  The NAPA blend offers a rich and slightly sweet and dry flavor, so smoking this one with some red wine would be perfect.

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Here we have another top-selling filtered cigar brand. Cheyenne uses a special homogenized wrapper along with American grown tobaccos to create a smooth, yet complex cigar.  They come in a variety of special flavors, all of which use a filter to smooth out those rough edges and give you that smooth, tasty experience you have been looking for.

While I am to the classic blend myself, they offer tasty options such as vanilla, tropical, and xotic berry.  Whether you want that smooth, classic tobacco taste or something with a little more sweetness, Cheyenne has the perfect filtered cigar for you.

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