Top 10 Best Value Cigars

July 27, 2015

Any avid cigar enthusiast will agree that cigars vary widely in quality, flavor, and price. Most often, an expensive super premium cigar will offer a better smoking experience, while an inexpensive one will be inferior in all ways. Consumers are lead to believe the old adage, “you get what you pay for”. However, in our industry, this is not always the case. Everybody at one time or another has paid a small fortune for a cigar that they did not enjoy at all. Bear in mind, that taste is subjective, and said cigar, that you found ungratifying, may be a favorite of someone else. On the other end of the spectrum, there are hidden gems in the marketplace that are top-quality, delicious, and very affordable. These budget beaters are little harder to find, so with my help, we will discover (what I think) are the Top 10 Best Value Cigars.

Number 10:        Bering Cigars

There is a very good reason that Bering cigars have been hanging around for so darn long, they are just plain good!  These solid medium bodied cigars are enjoyed the world over by knowledgeable cigar enthusiasts who love consistency, outstanding draw, and great taste. Made with a complex selection of premium tobaccos from the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Mexico, and Nicaragua, seasoned smokers have been enjoying this same great blend for decades. Bering is one of those old time classic smokes that truly deserve a second look.

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Number 9:          La Aurora Connecticut

Just like sipping a cup of fresh brewed coffee with a lot of cream, this mild, top-quality Dominican can hold its own (or top) cigars costing at least twice as much. Perfectly balanced, and medium-bodied in strength, this gem will please even the most discerning cigar aficionado. Originally, a local Miami favorite, this tasty smoke is now finding a home in humidors all over the country. La Aurora Connecticut proves that sometimes, you actually get MORE than you paid for!

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 Number 8:         La Finca

La Finca is a premium quality, Nicaraguan puro handcrafted in the fertile growing region of Estelí since 1972. Medium to full in body with a nutty, naturally sweet flavor, this well-balanced cigar at one time was one of our best-selling smokes. It still has a huge following of loyal smokers, but many of the newer niche’ brands have made it somewhat unnoticed by many modern smokers looking for the latest, and greatest new stick. The good news is that La Finca is just as flavorful as the day they hit the store shelves, and it would behoove you to take one out for a test smoke. You can thank me later!

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Number 7:          Baccarat Cigars

Baccarat cigars are handmade in Honduras; they are highly esteemed for their balanced mild-medium strength and delectably sweet taste thanks to their gum cap, and the incredibly smooth smoking experience they provide. Rolled from aged Havana seed Honduran long leaves, Mexican binders, and golden brown Honduran wrappers, Expect creamy smooth flavors of nutmeg, cocoa, caramel, and that additional sweetness provided by that yummy cap. They burn slow, taste great, and you’d be hard pressed to find a better smoke at this price!

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Number 6:          Belinda Black

Maduro lovers looking for a medium to full-bodied premium smoke may easily overlook the Belinda Black brand simply because they have been around for ages; have no fancy packaging, hype, or bells and whistles. Regardless of their lack of fanfare, these black beauties are worthy of a second look. Crafted by the legendary cigar master Estelo Padron, this is a wonderful medium-bodied smoke. Belinda Black is made with aged Honduran filler and binder leaf that sits inside of a stunning dark Connecticut Medio Tiempo wrapper. The result is an aromatic smoke that is rich and creamy, and brimming with notes of chocolate, coffee, cocoa, and roasted nuts.

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Number 5:          Temple Hall

Once crafted in Kingston, the Temple Hall Cigars (created in 1876) was the very first cigar brand made in Jamaica.  Today, these well-aged, mild beauties are expertly crafted in the Dominican Republic. Temple Hall holds the dubious distinction of being one of the most underrated brands in history.  It’s a shame because, flawless construction, a rich golden brown Connecticut shade wrapper, and a smooth blend of aged long-filler tobaccos make this cigar a wonderfully mild, and creamy all day smoke. If you enjoy super premium light-bodied cigars, you’ll simply love this forgotten treasure.

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Number 4:          Mayorga

Mayorga Cigarsc have been around for a very long time.  Today they are blended by cigar legend Nestor Plasencia in his famous factory in Nicaragua. Available in your choice of either a spicy Nicaraguan EMS, or a licorice black, and oily, robust Costa Rican maduro wrapper, these solid, square-pressed vitolas are loaded with creamy coffee, and chocolate flavors with just the perfect hint of spice. This lovely cigar is medium to full bodied in flavor and very light on the wallet, giving you two great reasons to try them.

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Number 3:         Genuine Counterfeit Cuban

The name may be somewhat gimmicky, but the Genuine Counterfeit Cuban cigars are the real deal!

In fact, they are as close as you will get to a real Habano without having to travel 90 miles south of Miami. Expertly Rolled with a complex blend of ligero, viso, and Cuba-seed seco tobaccos harvested in Estelí, Nicaragua, these beauties offer you the power and quality of a genuine Cuban cigar. Bold flavors of earth, spice, pepper, and espresso will quench your palate from the very first puff until the last. Those who prefer the fullest in flavor, owe it to themselves to smoke these surprisingly affordable cigars.

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Number 2:          Maria Mancini

This top-quality Cuban-style, box-pressed cigar features either a very flavorful H2000 EMS, or a dark black Costa Rican maduro wrapper that covers a proprietary blend of aged fillers from the most fertile regions of Honduras. The natural-wrapped sizes are spicy, nutty, and peppery, while the maduro selection has notes of espresso, chocolate, and earth. Whichever style you choose, expect lush Cuban style flavor that is on par with the finest cigars ever made.

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Number 1:          Black Abyss

Crafted by the same masters who brought you the highly rated Aging Room Cigars cigars, the Black Abyss delivers a powerful smoking experience that is rich, bold, and loaded with flavor. This an extremely smooth smoke that burns very slow, thus affording you the opportunity to savor its sweet woodsy notes and subtle hints of dark coffee, roasted nuts and buttery toast. A true boutique quality stick, priced akin to most bundled offerings, The Black Abyss may just be one of the best bargains on the planet.

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