Samplers to Look Out for on Cyber Monday

November 26, 2019

We are so incredibly close to Thanksgiving, which means we are just as close to the biggest shopping days of the year.  Cyber Monday is the big day for online shoppers and JR Cigar is more than up to the challenge.  We are preparing some spectacular savings for you on a wide line of our products.

If you are looking for a variety of cigars, whether it be a gift for someone you love, or you just want to sample a few different smokes, our sampler selection is bar none.  With that in mind, let’s take a look at some amazing samplers you should pick up this Cyber Monday.

Oliva Nub Collection #1

Oliva is one of the largest premium cigar manufacturers in the world and has produced some of the industry’s most highly rated and legendary products.

When the brand first released the Nub size, many old-fashioned cigar smokers saw it as simply a gimmick.  However, they have since become one of the most sought after cigars on the internet.  This is due to a combination of their unique size, quality, and variety of different blends.

If you are looking to try out all the different Nubs that Oliva has to offer, I would start with the Nub Collection #1.  This pack features five different Nub blends, with two of each being available in the pack.

You’ll have the chance to try each of the major Nubs, including the Cameroon, Maduro, and Habano along with the Nub Cain series as well.  At under $40, this is a sampler you simply can’t beat.

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Bully-Park Collection

If you ask any cigar store owner, or anyone in the retail side of the industry, what are the two best-selling premium cigars are, I am almost positive their answers would be the same.  That honor falls to the Romeo y Julieta Bully and the Macanudo Hyde Park.

They are available at every cigar store, gas station, cigar bar and website you could think of.  They have become staples of the industry due to their flavor, quality, size and price.

Both the Hyde Park and Bully are both robusto sized cigars.  This makes them a great choice for newer cigar smokers when at big occasions such as a wedding.

They are both relatively mild but have a great amount of flavor.  The Macanudos Connecticut wrapper gives it a smooth and creamy aroma, while the Romeo Bully boasts a Java leaf with great notes of coffee.

With this sampler, you’ll receive 20 of each of these legendary cigars for an incredibly low price.  This works as a great gift option, or an amazing way to stock up your humidor.

AJ Fernandez Heritage Collection 2

A.J. Fernandez is the hottest name in the cigar industry right now.  His work with his own brands is enough to garner serious attention, but it’s his collaborative efforts that have really skyrocketed him to cigar superstardom.

He has not only been the factory behind legendary boutique brands like Southern Draw and some of the cigars from Foundation, but he has also worked on major products for the biggest brands in the industry.

The past few years have seen A.J. work on such well-known cigars as Montecristo, H.Upmann, Hoyo de Monterrey and Gispert.  Each of these blends has helped revitalize and showcase them to newer, more informed customers.

This Heritage sampler is packed with some of A.J’s finest work.  In it includes five different cigars, including the highly-rated H.Upmann by A.J. and the fan-favorite Monte by Montecristo by AJ.  For a great low price, you’ll receive 10 of these great cigars and get a taste for the talents of the great A.J. Fernandez.

Top Five Powerhouse Cigars

Our Top Five videos have really taken off and have become a popular portion of our YouTube Channel.  This is due to a few factors, including adding a small-batch sampler to each Top Five list.

While the face in front of the camera is no slouch, people are really tuning in to find out which amazing cigars made that week’s list.  One of my personal favorite packs was our Top Five Powerhouse cigars pack.

f you love a strong, flavorful cigar, you are going to go nuts for this sampler.  It includes some of the highest-rated and most popular strong cigars in the industry.

This includes large scale brands like the Partagas Black or small boutique smokes like the Todos las Dias.  For the fan of a strong, full-bodied cigar, this is a must-have for Cyber weekend.

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