Top Five Post-Thanksgiving Cigars

November 27, 2019

Top Thanksgiving Cigars in 2020

Thanksgiving is a little over a week away! For food lovers like us here at  JR, we couldn’t be more excited. Thanksgiving is dedicated to spending the entire day with your family, stuffing your face with delicious food, watching some football, and cigar smoking! Once it’s near impossible to move from the couch, it is always nice to be able to light up a flavorful cigar to finish up the holiday.

So we put together a list of the best cigars to enjoy on Thanksgiving 2020. We have some of our favorites in here as well as the best cigars that provide phenomenal strength and flavor are great for a post-meal cigar. We hope you enjoy our list of cigars to enjoy on this year’s Thanksgiving and don’t forget to click the link below for the limited time sampler that is provided.

Also, below this year’s Top 5 list, we have Nick’s favorite cigars he enjoyed on Thanksgiving last year. Check it out and Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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Montecristo White Series

Montecristo dates back to 1935 Cuba but is still one of the most popular brands and companies within the cigar industry. Reminiscent of the original, the Montecristo White Series sets the bar for Cuban-style cigars. The Montecristo White Series boasts lovely, hand-selected tobaccos to make up this gorgeous looking smoke.

This medium-bodied smoke is cloaked in an Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper, with a binder from Nicaragua, and filler tobaccos that hail from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. Some flavor notes you’ll experience while smoking the Montecristo White Series Rothchilde are cream, vanilla, and nuts, that would pair nicely with a hot cup of coffee in the morning to start your Thanksgiving day festivities.

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Ashton Puro Sol

Produced at the fame Arturo Fuente family factory in the Dominican Republic, the Ashton Heritage Puro Sol is mainly constructed entirely of sun-grown tobaccos, hence the name “Puro Sol”. The Heritage Puro Sol cigar displays the same quality control standards that come with every creation from Ashton Cigars.

Cloaked in an Ecuador Habano wrapper, with binder and filler tobaccos from the Dominican Republic, the Ashton Heritage Puro Sol is a medium-bodied cigar with flawless construction. Some flavor notes you’ll pick up while smoking the Ashton Heritage Puro Sol are leather, coffee, and chocolate, which would pair nicely with a glass of Red Wine right before you dive into your Turkey, stuffing, and other goodies you’ll have at dinner!

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Sin Compromiso Seleccion

Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust had quite the line up of cigars you can enjoy on Thanksgiving. Due to the rich, meaty cigars that Steve Saka creates, any cigar you chose under Dunbarton will not the wrong choice. Since the Sin Compromiso had a drastic change in our life (for the good I may add you), we figured we’d cover this specific gem from Steve Saka and the boys at Dunbarton.

The Sin Compromiso Seleccion No. 2 Torpedo is a 6 x 52 gem that has a Mexican San Andres wrapper, while stuffed with Nicaraguan tobaccos that make up the filler and tobaccos from Ecuador that make up the binder. With delectable and delicious flavor notes of Chocolate, caramel, wood, pepper, and dark roast coffee, the Sin Compromiso Seleccion No. 2 would be a perfect cigar to smoke right after some thanksgiving dessert.

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Joya de Nicaragua Cinco Decadas

When Joya turned 50 in 2018, they commemorated this milestone by creating a new, delicious smoke that is the Joya de Nicaragua Cinco Decadas. The Cinco Decadas unparalleled elegance Joya provides is one main reason they have been around for five decades! Fitting for the occasion, these limited-edition beauties are expertly rolled and filled with only the best tobaccos one can provide.

Created at the renowned Drew Estate factory, the binder and filler are kept a secret by the manufacturer. However, we do know the Cinco Decadas is cloaked in a gorgeous, oily Nicaraguan wrapper. Some flavor notes you may detect while smoking the Joya de Nicaragua Cinco Decadas are earth, sweet spice, and cream, that would pair perfectly with a soda of your choice. I suggest enjoying the Joya de Nicaragua Cinco Decadas sometime in the afternoon after you enjoy some cheese and crackers from your charcuterie board.

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Macanudo Inspirado Green

The Macanudo Inspirado Green is the newest addition to the popular Inspirado series from Macanudo. The Inspirado Green was produced at the prestigious General Cigar Company in the Dominican Republic. The Macanudo Inspirado Green uses rare and highly sought-after tobaccos to create this full-flavored, medium-bodied smoke.

Cloaked in Arapiraca Brazilian wrapper, with binder tobaccos from Indonesia, and filler tobaccos from the Dominican Republic, the Inspirado Green opens a whole new flavor experience with each and every puff you take. Flavor notes you’ll detect while smoking the Inspirado Green are black pepper, chocolate, earth, and coffee that would pair perfectly with a Cappuccino as a nightcap to end such a gracious holiday we celebrate every year.

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Top Five Thanksgiving Cigars of 2019

Well, tomorrow is the big day!  Thanksgiving is finally here and for big guys like me, we couldn’t be more excited.  I get to spend an entire day stuffing my face with some of the all-time greatest foods.  Once I can barely move, it is always nice to be able to light up a flavorful cigar to finish up the holiday…well, after the pecan pie, that is.

I have compiled a list of some of the best cigars for your post-Thanksgiving smoke.  Some of these were chosen because of their names; others because their strength and flavor are great for a post-meal cigar.

So, let’s take a look at the top five post-Thanksgiving cigars.

Viaje Thanksgiving Leftovers White Meat

Could you imagine a better cigar for this list? What started as a one-off brand has become a sometimes yearly release from Viaje, who specializes in intriguing limited-edition smokes.  This Nicaraguan puro uses tobaccos grown for Viaje by Aganorsa, including a stunning Criollo wrapper.

The White Meat has more than just the perfect name – it also has a tremendous amount of flavor that would be perfect after a large, Thanksgiving meal.

Notes of white pepper, savory leather and cedar mix with just the slightest hint of cocoa, for a complex and robust smoke.  The best part is, you won’t have to share these leftovers with the in-laws.

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Ashton Heritage Puro Sol

While it doesn’t have the hype or recognition has some of the other Ashton lines, the Puro Sol is a solid, well-balanced cigar with a ton of flavor and top-notch construction. It is handcrafted in the Dominican Republic by the legendary Fuente family, so you know it’s going to be of the highest quality.
Dominican filler and binder tobaccos combine with an Ecuadorian sun-grown wrapper for a zesty and nutty smoke, with hints of sweet spice and a dash of oak and leather. This complex cigar offers up just as many different flavors as your Thanksgiving meal, so it should be quite the smoking experience.
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Sin Compromiso

While I wouldn’t go as far as calling this a dessert cigar, the Sin Compromiso is a great post-meal option.  Its flavor profile, strength, body, and construction all help make this cigar a delicious choice for enjoying after a huge plate of turkey and stuffing.

It all starts with the special Mexican San Andres wrapper.  The leaves are picked and fermented in a unique way that gives this cigar an almost Broadleaf-like sweetness.  Notes of rich chocolate and cream are blended with a sweet spice and earthy taste from the Nicaraguan filler tobaccos, making this cigar incredibly complex yet smooth.

This has been one of my go-to cigars this year for smoking after a good meal and I think Thanksgiving is the perfect time to enjoy one.

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Camacho American Barrel Aged

Right up there with July 4th and Memorial Day, Thanksgiving is a big American holiday.  What better way to celebrate it than with one of my favorite Camacho cigars in recent memory.  Not only does the American Barrel Aged celebrate America, it also has a rich, bold, and flavorful blend that tastes great after your Thanksgiving nap.

The American Barrel Aged uses Broadleaf tobacco-grown in the U.S-for its wrapper, binder and part of the filler.  Some Pennsylvania Maduro and Honduran Corojo filler tobaccos are also added to give the cigar some complexity.  Some of these tobaccos are aged in American Bourbon barrels, giving them the unique taste of bourbon and charred oak barrel.

These barrel flavors mix with notes of dark chocolate, rich coffee, leather, and a slight sweet spice for a well-balanced and full smoking experience.  What better way to celebrate America than with this strong and flavorful cigar?

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New World by AJ Fernandez

The New World from AJ Fernandez is one of his best-selling brands.  He was able to combine the complexity and construction you expect from a high-end AJ cigar with a budget-friendly, low price.  The New World has been named in several ‘best-off lists’ and is known for being one of the best cigars in its price point.

The New World takes inspiration from the expeditions of legendary explorers who helped bring tobacco back from the New World.  This robust smoke uses tobacco from the four main regions of Nicaragua: Esteli, Jalapa, Condega, and Ometepe.  Along with a dark Nicaraguan wrapper, you are in for a roller coaster of flavors.

This cigar starts out bold and rich, before transitioning to spicy and earth, with the finishing touch being a smooth, creamy note.  In celebrating Thanksgiving, smoking a New World will not only be enjoyable but will help you to appreciate how far the tobacco industry has come since the Age of Discovery.

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