Introducing the New Alloy by St. Luis Rey

October 13, 2015

Established in Cuba in 1940, and following a short stint in the Dominican Republic, the famous St. Luis Rey Cigar brand now makes its home in the fertile valleys of Honduras. Throughout the years, this brand has certainly made a huge name in the industry with a solid lineup of highly rated cigars.

With a roster that includes Saint Luis Rey Gen 2, Saint Luis Rey Reserva Especial, and those big ring beauties, the Saint Luis Rey Serie G, you simply can’t go wrong.

We are happy to introduce the first update to the SLR Line in 3 Years, and this one just happens to be a JR Cigar exclusive. Meaning that Teddy’s Tobacco Town in Split Finger, Montana, and everybody else- ain’t gonna’ have em’!

Like a metal alloy, the St. Luis Rey Alloy is a mixture of elements where the qualities of each component working together creates a synergistic result unlike and greater than the individual tobaccos.

For those of you without a Doctorate Degree in Quantum Cybernetics –they are dang tasty!

To create this bountiful gem, a spicy and flavorful Nicaraguan Jalapa wrapper is applied. Jalapa is right near the border of Honduras, known for it’s a rich fertile soil similar in quality to the famous Vuelta Abajo region of Cuba, thus adding a genuine Habano style taste to the blend.

Supplementing this extraordinary leaf is a very aromatic, and slow burning binder from Condega Nicaragua. Hills and streams, and a clay-like soil, oozing with nutrients, surround this small village in the Estelí region of Nicaragua. Condega also gets the perfect balance of shade and sunlight, helping newly planted seeds thrive and blossom into dense savory tobacco.

Bunched inside this thick and zesty binder, is rare Nicaraguan Ometepe filler. Grown on an island formed by two volcanoes rising from Lake Nicaragua, this nutrient rich volcanic soil harvests a powerful yet almost naturally sweet tasting leaf. Specially aged and cured Honduran tobaccos complete this filler recipe. Together, they create a truly unique cigar – the perfect Alloy.

The finished creation displays devilishly delicious notes of cinnamon, ginger, graham cracker, molasses, sweet spice, and a captivating aroma of orange blossom and dark chocolate.

You can experience this smoke in three big ring gauge sizes, the Magnum a 6 x 58 bruiser, the 4.5 × 54  Robusto and the Toro, a hefty sized 6 x 56 stick.

A long time in the making, the Alloy is a wonderful addition to the renowned St.Luis Rey selection of fine cigars.


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