Why Real Men Love Backwoods Cigars

November 9, 2015

Whether it is a popular John Wayne classic, or a great Clint Eastwood flick, it’s fair to say that most men love western movies. From the very beginning of film, this genre captured the hearts and imaginations of those who conform to the ‘rugged male’ stereotype. Maybe it’s the guns, the horses, the cheap saloons, or all of the above. Possibly, it’s comforting watching a film where men don’t have to bathe. It seems like many of us have an inner desire to revert to Neanderthal mode, forego that shower occasionally, park our fat asses in front of the big-screen, and watch a good western. You see, it all seems to tie in.

So who watches Western movies the most? Who else, those also smoke cigars. Just like a good shoot-em’ –up, real men also love the occasional stogy.

Many stars of these Wild West classics always seemed to have a crude cigar sticking out of their kissers. One star in particular the legendary Clint Eastwood actually made this type of smoke very desirable. In the 1960’s thru the early 80’s these crooked little stinkers became all the rage. The problem was that many of these early products looked the part, were simply un-smokable.

Then things changed for the better. In 1981, the now famous Swisher Company introduced their Backwoods Original Wild and Mild Cigars. Today, now simply called the Backwoods Original, these crooked little sticks with the frayed ends still fly off the tobacconist’s shelves. Their airtight foil pouch and rustic look only add to their macho mystique. . These cigars are flavorful, mild and perfect for the outdoors, whether rustling cattle, fighting bad guys in a saloon, or flipping burgers on the grill, every pasty cowboy wannabe’ in a tank top and plaid shorts can look as cool as old Clint himself.

For those who want to paint the town red with a cigar that is loaded with sweet and aromatic flavors, Backwoods has your back covered with the whiskey flavored Honey Bourbon, Sweet Aromatic, Black ‘N Sweet Aromatic, Honey, and Honey Berry.

Do these sound good? Then saddle up the Buick, tell the women folk to leave you alone for a while, and go order a few pouches of Backwoods today.


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