Garcia y Vega Game Cigars

November 9, 2015

Since 1882, Garcia y Vega Cigars have been a popular choice among cigar smokers. An all –tobacco Indonesian wrapper and Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed short filler tobaccos combine to create a mild rich and aromatic cigar, that is very close in quality to many handmade’s.

It only took 125 years, but in 2007 Garcia y Vega showed the cigar world it had game by creating the- you guessed it- Garcia y Vega Game Cigars. Geared toward the modern smoker that enjoys his or her stogies with lotsa’ flavor.

Made in the Dominican Republic, these top-quality Lonsdale size smokes feature the Palma Foil Fresh Vanilla, with its creamy smooth flavor and luscious bakery aroma. Palma Foil Fresh White Grape has a slightly tart and refreshing taste with a warm sweet smelling chardonnay bouquet.

For those who prefer the more traditional all tobacco taste, Game has you covered. Palma Foil Fresh Green features a light candela wrapper that adds hints of cedar, grass and a light floral component to this mild and delightfully smooth blend.

Garcia y Vega Game Cigars come to you in reseal able foil packs for easy transportation and factory fresh flavor.


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