What is a Colorado wrapper?

August 23, 2023

A cigar wrapper is the tobacco leaf used to encase the filler tobaccos in a cigar, wrapping it all together. The color of a cigar wrapper is significant to the cigars appearance, flavor, and overall smoking experience. The color of a cigar wrapper can also be influenced by the aging and fermentation process of the tobacco leaves. This process can impact the final flavor and aroma of the cigar.

Tobacco-led colors can vary and indicate the cigars flavor, and strength profile and the Colorado wrapper is in a unique category. The term Colorado in the cigar realm refers to a medium to darkbrown wrapper shade typically associated with a balanced and nuanced flavor.

When smoking a cigar with a Colorado wrapper, you should expect tasty notes of cedar, nuts, coffee, and some hints of sweetness.

The exact flavor and characteristics of a Colorado cigar wrapper can still differ from one cigar brand to another, as each brand puts its own spin on flavor profiles.

Let’s take a closer look at this interesting wrapper and explore some Colorado cigars you can try yourself.

The original Colorado wrapper

The original Colorado wrapper is a tobacco shade that lands in the lighttomediumbrown range. These original Colorados are smooth in appearance and typically associated with a mild to medium-bodied flavor profile.

Lighter in color with a milder flavor, the many variations of this wrapper shade can exist based on many factors, including tobacco varieties, processing techniques, and where the tobacco is grown.

As the cigar industry continues to grow, a wide range of wrapper shades fall under the ‘Colorado’ category but the original will always be the Colorado Claro.

Colorado claro

Colorado claro wrappers are grown from various tobacco plants and are often shade-grown to achieve their lighter color. The wrapper is known as natural as this suggests, this particular leaf is grown most naturally. The leaves are grown facing direct sunlight, which helps to create a medium brown color.

The tobacco is then left to mature before being cultivated. The aging and fermentation process contributes to their unique flavor characteristics, including subtle sweetness and tasty notes of nuts, cedar, and sometimes a touch of spice.

Colorado Maduro

The idea of a Colorado Maduro features a medium to dark brown wrapper and carries elements of richness and depth in flavor. Combining the two creates an interesting blend of flavors with the added complexity and depth of a Maduro wrapper.

This Spanish favorite is an exceptionally exciting blend of flavors. This cigar carries the added complexity and depth of a Maduro wrapper.

Remember, the final flavor and experience of a Colorado Maduro cigar will depend on the specific tobacco used, the cigars blend, and the manufacturers craftsmanship.

Popular Colorado cigars

Colorado cigars offer an incredible smoking experience for you to enjoy. This particular cigar wrapper is a very popular choice among many smokers, with many Colorado sticks carefully constructed and rolled to perfection to create a delicious flavor profile like no other.

Let’s explore some popular Colorado cigar choices and why you need them in your humidor.

Davidoff Colorado Claro

The Davidoff Colodaro Claro is a delicious handmade premium cigar. This delicious smoke features a rare and luxurious Ecuador Connecticut sun-grown wrapper leaf. It is a distinctive brown wrapper with a reddish glint and is bursting with flavor

This medium-to-fullbodied cigar uses top-quality tobacco leaves from the Dominican Republic and was manufactured to provide an elevated taste and exceptional smoking experience.

You can expect zesty spices and beautifully smooth yet hearty roasted-nut qualities.

The Davidoff Colorado Claro is a unique smoke with robust and complex flavors.

Cohiba Nicaragua Colorado Oscuro

Pequenos by Cohiba Nicaragua is a small cigar with an extensive flavor profile. This full-bodied smoke uses tobaccos from Nicaragua’s top-growing regions and is delicately rolled with a Colorado Oscuro wrapper. While its strength is full, its body is medium-to-full, offering smokers a perfectly balanced draw.

When lighting this delicious cigar, you’ll detect multiple layers of complexity thanks to the bold flavors of leather, earth, cedar, and a hint of dark chocolate that envelop your palate.

Experience a sweetness that dances along your tastebuds. This dark and delicious firecracker can provide a superior smoking experience. The smaller cigar size is perfect when you want to enjoy a delicious smoke but only have a short amount of time.


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