The Jamaican Macanudo

December 18, 2015

Following the Cuban Revolution, several of the top blenders and tobacconists from the island searched the world for a new home. While today, Nicaragua, The Dominican Republic, and Honduras are seen as the heirs to the throne, at one point the island of Jamaica was producing some of the worlds best known brands. Cigars such as Partagas so their resurgence in Jamaica well before their current home in the DR. It was there that the original Macanudo was first rolled. It was hailed as the best mild cigar the world had yet seen. However, tragedy struck during the 1980s. Sever weather, including a few catastrophic hurricanes, essentially destroyed the Jamaican tobacco business. Some brands moved on such as Partagas and Macanudo, while others such as Royal Jamaicans, failed to stay in the market.

Well now, after more than 2 decades, Macanudo is bringing Jamaican tobacco back to the mainstream. In 2014, General Cigar announced they were returning Macanudo to its roots and unveiled the Macanudo Estate Reserve Jamaica. This is a top of the line, premium mild cigar. It uses a light Connecticut wrapper, and a lush Dominican binder. Its filler is aged Jamaican long filler tobacco. It’s smooth and light, with notes of cream and vanilla and a light nutty taste. This vintage smoke was the catalyst for a resurgence in Jamaican tobacco, bringing it back into the mainstream.

This year saw the release of the 2015 Estate Reserve Jamaican, and I must say its even smoother. If you are looking for that traditional mild yet sweet taste of the best Jamaican tobaccos, the Macanudo Estate Reserve is perfect for you.


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