The Fabulous Montecristo White Vintage Connecticut Cigars

When the first settlers came to the Connecticut Valley in the early 1600’s, the native population was already growing tobacco! Today, the Connecticut River Valley is home to what many consider the best cigar wrapper leaf in the world.  The … Read More

Davidoff: Black Edition

For years, Davidoff cigars have been seen as the Rolls Royce of the cigar world.  They were mild, smooth, and perfectly constructed.  Their higher price point and high-end style made them the cigar of choice for the more upper … Read More

JR Delves Into Uncharted Territory

JR has requested that I write an unbiased review of the new Uncharted premium handmade cigar. However, this cannot be an unbiased review because I work here, and if I say it stinks, I’ll lose my job and be forced … Read More

Davidoff Escurio

Davidoff is one of a handful of brands that can literally guarantee the best flavor, artisanship, and excellence with every new offering. Their latest, and some may soon think their greatest, is no exception. Introducing the Davidoff Escurio. Read More


It is sadly the last day here at the 2015 IPCPR.  We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we did a lot of different bodily functions.  The buyers have done a great job picking up the best products for our customers and ensuring … Read More


In my mind day three seemed to be the most important day of the show.  The glitz and glamour of the big manufacturers was fantastic, yet in terms of the cigars, well most of them have been announced for a … Read More


Another fantastic day here at the trade show.  Some of these booths are absolutely phenomenal and the cigars I’ve tried have been great!  Yesterday I had the pleasure of sitting down with Matt Booth of Room 101 for a … Read More

Unheard of

La Aurora is the oldest cigar factory in the Dominican Republic.  They’ve been making cigars since 1903…a long time.  And La Aurora is known for its quality.  That you know, but for most of you the name Rene … Read More


Drew Estate is saying it will be releasing a Ratzilla for the holidays.  ( No not the 16 inch rat that the press called ratzilla in Sweden.) This Ratzilla is a longer version of the Famed Dirty Rat … Read More


If you are old enough to remember when Macanudos were made in Jamaica, then this year, the newest Macanudo is a true throwback.  Once Cuban tobacco became verboten, companies looked to tobaccos from other countries and … Read More

World Blends

For years, CAO has had the Italia, the Brazilia and the Osa Sol,  but now the company has added two more blends under the concept of World Blends that includes the former.  As we wrote during the trade … Read More

Happy Birthday

While last year marked the 10th anniversaries of both Tatuaje and My Father cigars, this does seem to be the year of birthdays.  Manuel Quesada and his family marked 40 years in business earlier this year with the release of … Read More

Black Abyss

Speaking of Jochy Blanco, he has been a busy man.  Not only does he make all of Boutique Blends cigars, but he also is making his cousin Jose Blanco’s Señoral line of cigars. (Yes they are both … Read More

More Boutiques

Boutique Blends at the show had several interesting cigars.  If you don’t know the company you probably do know the cigars.  They are the ones behind Aging Room.  The first cigar out of that series was the M-356, which … Read More

More from the IPCPR: Prohibition

Rocky Patel  is launching several new lines.  The Super Ligero is an amped up stick which uses a Habano St. Augustin wrapper with a special hybrid called super ligero and double ligero.  Coming in four sizes from a lancero up … Read More

IPCPR, continued

Crowned Heads Jon Huber over at Crowned Heads is releasing a new line addition called Jerico Hill.  This augments the original Four Kicks, Headley Grange and J.D. Howard Reserve.  The company began only in 2011 and has … Read More

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