IPCPR 2019: Rocky Patel

July 8, 2019


With Rocky Patel leading the charge against the FDA, its no wonder while he was among the leading manufacturers in new cigars at IPCPR 2019.  While many companies were limited to only one new release, or perhaps just new sizes of previous released cigars, Rocky Patel released three brand new blends, as well as a score of new accessories and event items.  These included new lighters and a new event only cigar and liquor carrying set.  Lets look at the new cigars that Rocky Patel brought to IPCPR 2019.


The first new cigar is the second edition of the popular Rocky Patel ALR, also known as the Aged, Limited and Rare.  This new addition to an already established line uses an 8 year old Habano wrapper over aged filler and binder tobaccos from the Esteli and Condega areas of Nicaragua.  With its tremendous age, this cigar is exceptionally smooth yet still has tremendous rich and zesty flavor notes


For the next new cigar, Rocky Patel admits they ran out of unique names and instead named the cigar on the number of the blend that they chose.  The Rocky Patel Number 6 is unique among the typical Rocky Lineup, utilizing a Corojo wrapper from the Jamastran valley of Honduras, then a mix of aged long filler from Nicaragua and Honduras giving it a sweet core and a very balanced medium profile.


The final new cigar that Rocky Patel showcased at IPCPR 2019, the team settled upon the code name used in the factory for the test blend.  Known as the Rocky Patel LB1, it uses an aged Ecuadorian Habano wrapper and fillers from Nicaragua.  It is a more rich offering, with notes of caramel and coffee making this a great after dinner cigar.


These new cigars from Rocky Patel were just showcased at IPCPR 2019 and should be arriving on our shelves soon.  Until then you can enjoy the full line up of Rocky Patel cigars right here at JR Cigars.


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