Plasencia Alma del Fuego

July 19, 2019

This year, the Plasencia Family unveiled the brand new Plasencia Alma del Fuego.  This is the third addition to their highly popular alma series.  It first launched in 2016 with the Plasencia Alma Fuerte.  This high end full bodied cigar was a big deal for Plasencia, a company that was mostly known for their collaboration work.  The Alma Fuerte set the record straight that Plasencia is one of the leading manufacturers in the industry.  This Top 25 cigar was then followed by the Alma del Campo, a more medium bodied, balanced version which also received critical acclaim.  For this newest Alma entry, the company heads to the fiery island of Ometepe.


The Plasencia Alma del Fuego translates to soul of fire.  This is nod to the volcanic island Ometepe where the bulk of the tobacco for this cigar originated.  Ometepe tobacco has a unique taste and is known fr its immense strength.  The Alma del Fuego is wrapped with a sun grown wrapper of the Jalapa region, to give it some balance.


The name of this cigar says it all.  It is a strong, fierce smoke with heavy notes of leather, wood, spice and a hint of a smoky undertone due to the ometepe tobacco.  The Alma del Fuego name is incredibly well deserved.  The Plasencia Alma del Fuego is arriving on our shelves this month, until then enjoy the entire Plasencia lineup right here at JR Cigars.


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