Cigarillos: Get To Know Them, Get To Love Them

I remember the first time I ever lit a cigarillo. I was sitting outdoors for lunch on a hot summer weekday, roasting away at some swanky New York City restaurant that’s probably turned over twice by now. I knew that … Read More

Top 10 Nicaraguan Cigars: The Best Since Moses Parted the Thing

Our Website: Davidoff Nicaragua – Perdomo 20th Anniversary – CroMagnon RoMa Craft – Le Bijou My Father – VI Verocu Tatuaje – Laranja Espinosa Cigars – Oliva V Oliva Cigars – … Read More

Top 5 Anniversary Cigars: Special Cigars for Special Occasions

Our Website: Perdomo 20th Anniversary –… Padron 1964 anniversary series – … Read More

Davidoff Brand Review: So Many Amazing Choices, Where To Start…?

Davidoff cigars are the cream of the crop. with many lines of cigars to choose from and each one having their own luxurious tastes, its easy to find one to fit your style. Check out the many … Read More

Davidoff Nicaragua Box Pressed

The famous Davidoff Company has unveiled its very first boxed-pressed line. Davidoff Nicaragua Box Pressed combines a rich and zesty Habano Nicaragua Oscuro wrapper with aged ligero long filler tobaccos from the nutrient dense regions of Estelí, Jalapa, Ometepe, and … Read More

Davidoff JR 45th Anniversary

The Davidoff JR 45th Anniversary Cigar features aged filler tobaccos from the Dominican Republic, a Dominican Piloto binder, and a gorgeous blonde Connecticut Seed, Ecuador wrapper. This impeccable blending results in a mild to medium bodied smoke teeming with rich … Read More

Introducing the Davidoff JR 45th Anniversary

In 1971, a young cigar visionary named Lew Rothman opened the doors to his first retail tobacco store in Manhattan.  This tiny, but stocked to the ceiling little shop had a sign that read “World’s Largest Cigar Store”.  A bold … Read More

The Davidoff Company

The Davidoff company we know and love today has established itself as the one of the premier premium cigar companies in the world. They are consistently ranked among the highest in quality and service and are viewed as the quintessential … Read More

The History of Davidoff Part 4

In the eyes of Zino Davidoff, his first attempt into cigar manufacturing had been a failure. The quality he demanded on the product that bared his name was apparently too high for the Cuban factory to produce. With the embargo … Read More

The History of Davidoff Part 3

What many modern smokers fail to realize is that long before the creation of the famed Davidoff White Label, Zino had established himself as a driving force in the retail industry, particularly with cigars. With his success at … Read More

The History of Davidoff Part 2

When we last left Zino Davidoff, he had consumed vast amounts of tobacco knowledge in Latin America and was now applying it to his family’s shop in Switzerland. Following the devastation of World War II, Switzerland had remained nearly untouched. Read More

The History of Davidoff Part 1

For more than half a century, the name Davidoff has become synonymous with luxury, class and quality. They have positioned themselves as one of the premier luxury goods companies in the world, with their products ranging from tobacco … Read More

Best Craft Beer and Cigar Pairings

Ommegang Three Philosophers & Liga Privada No. 9 This Belgian-style ale with intense dark flavors boasts accents of chocolate, coffee, and a rich sweetness. What better than a dark and oily Connecticut broadleaf maduro wrapper? The Liga … Read More

Cars and Gars

The world of high-end sports cars has long been seen as the pinnacle of the luxurious lifestyle.  When one talks about Lamborghini or Ferrari, they cannot help but picture class, power, and above all sheer beauty.  The construction of these … Read More

Davidoff: Black Edition

For years, Davidoff cigars have been seen as the Rolls Royce of the cigar world.  They were mild, smooth, and perfectly constructed.  Their higher price point and high-end style made them the cigar of choice for the more upper … Read More

Davidoff Escurio

Davidoff is one of a handful of brands that can literally guarantee the best flavor, artisanship, and excellence with every new offering. Their latest, and some may soon think their greatest, is no exception. Introducing the Davidoff Escurio. Read More

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