Long Ash Podcast Episode #37

January 17, 2020

Long Ash Podcast Episode #37

In this week’s episode of the Long Ash Podcast, Nick and Greg addressed some big news from the cigar world and the sports world. Firstly, Nick and Greg talk about the four big companies that withdrew from the 2020 PCA Cigar Tradeshow. Altadis U.S.A., Davidoff, Drew Estate, and General Cigar Co. are the companies that took the plunge. Nick and Greg share their thoughts on the news and talk about how and if this will affect the cigar industry.

To cap things off, the gents discuss the disheartening news that came from the MLB. Between the Carlos Beltran and Alex Cora firing and the fiasco coming out of Houston, Greg and Nick discuss what this will do to the fans and the game that still prides themselves on old-school traditions and behavior.

To learn more about the article Nick referenced from Famous cigars, click here. Nick also wrote an article explaining everything that has happened with the 2020 PCA Tradeshow. Check that out on our Blending Room page now!


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