Top 5 Cigar Tins: Small Cigars Need Love Too

June 28, 2017

Hello my friends, Nick Libretti here for Today we are doing my top five favorite cigars in a tin.

We all know about tin smokes, great little cigarillo-shaped cigars. Great for on the go, quick, you got to go out, it’s cold out, you have a nice little thing. Everyone smokes and they don’t get the extravagance and the popularity of your regular boutique-sized cigars. But hey, everyone smokes them, they’re amazing and they’re perfect in a pinch.

So let’s start out with the elegant one. This is the Davidoff Dominican Primeros, primo. It says primo right there in the name. This is a primo smoke, hand, well not hand rolled, but hands-made cigars. Uses exquisitely aged Dominican tobacco, smooth, creamy, and rich all at the same time. This is the cigar on the go for the connoisseur.

Now, let’s say you’re looking for something a little more kick, the Partagas Black Prontos. Smoke it now, pronto. All the great, intense, rich, spicy flavor of a Partagas Black … All the great rich, intense flavor of a Partagas Black, miniaturized for your quick enjoyment.

Now Camacho has really been on a tear with their whole like, you know, bold is beautiful and machismo and they actually put that right in the name of these little guys, the Machitos. It sounds adorable, but it’s really tough. This is the Camacho Connecticut in a smaller tin size. Perfect. Just put it in your pocket. You want a nice bold Honduran Connecticut smoke. Well, there you go.

These next two are actually made by the same company, but they are different in their blends. So first we have the riveting Arturo Fuente Cubanitos. I used to smoke these all the time when I was working on the cigar room floor. Just because they were delicious, they have the same quality as any other Fuente, any 858 or Hemingway. But they’re cheap, they’re quick, they’re easy and you don’t feel bad if you got to put one out and go do something.

And then, also made by Fuente, but for Ashton, the Ashton Esquire Maduro. As everyone knows Ashton Maduro is one of my favorite Maduros and this is just a great little like kind of sidekick to have in your back pocket, when you know you’re going to really want a nice rich smoke, but you might not have the time or the place to sit down and enjoy like a torpedo or a robusto.

So this is my choice. Five great quick smokes. Come in a tin to keep them fresh. Let me know what are your favorite little tin packed smokes, right there on the bottom, you tell me on the bottom there. And also favorite shoe company. I just ordered it from Supra myself. Can’t wait to get those high tops. Keep watching, liking, subscribing, and also please keep smoking.




Davidoff Signature Series

5 Tins of 6


Partagas Black Label

5 Tins Of 6


Camacho Connecticut

5 Tins of 6


Arturo Fuente

10 Tins of 10


Ashton Esquire Maduro

10 Tins of 10



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