Kentucky Fire Cured Cigars

March 12, 2020

Kentucky Fire Cured Cigars

Kentucky Fire Cured Cigars are the result of Drew Estate’s never-ending process of using the finest and rarest premium tobaccos to create blends that are unlike any other on the market.

For this masterful creation, Jonathan Drew and his team of highly skilled blenders turned to aged Kentucky  Fire Cured burley filler tobaccos to be used in conjunction with their signature Nicaraguan leaves, grown on their farm in Estelí.

Kentucky Fire Cured tobaccos are nothing new, as they’ve been around for well over 200 years, with the purpose of primarily being used as a core or sole ingredient in many imported and domestic pipe tobacco blends.  That said, leave it to Drew Estate to handle the difficult task of incorporating these tasty USA leaves into a premium cigar blend and make it taste fantastic!

Kentucky Fire Cured Cigars are covered with a zesty, dark and oily San Andres wrapper from Mexico that adds a nice spicy kick to a campfire-like mix of roasted hickory, nuts, earth, and a smoky-sweet maple flavor on the finish.

If you’re in search of a one-of-a-kind medium-bodied cigar that combines the best tasting qualities of both pipe tobacco and cigar smoking, then,  you found it right here with Kentucky Fire Cured!

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