Isla Del Sol Cigars

November 22, 2019

Isla Del Sol Cigars

Flavor infused cigars, many times associated with some syrupy machine-made brands, often receive a bad rap. However, famous brands like Drew Estate helped them regain their credibility by using the finest premium tobaccos imbued with top-quality flavorings.

Isla del Sol cigars by Drew Estate is one such offering that fits this exemplary criterion by using fully aged Nicaraguan long-filler tobaccos covered by a top-grade Sumatra wrapper leaf garnished with a sweetened cap. This stunning Sumatran wrapper leaf is available in both an EMS and darker Maduro shade.

This blend is then infused with the best Sumatran Mandheling Bean Coffee, to offer flavors of nuts, creamy mocha, espresso, and cocoa, while at the same time, this garnished cap brings some sweetness to the lips and palate. It should be noted that the Maduro leaf brings hints of chocolate to the flavor profile.  A crowd-pleasing donut shop aroma adds even more enjoyment to the overall smoking experience.

Furthermore, its rich mellow to medium-bodied profile makes it a cigar that can be enjoyed by all, any time of the day without becoming harsh and overbearing.

Infused using the same method utilized to create Drew Estate’s famous ACID cigars, Isla del Sol promises the smoker a unique and tantalizing smoke that’s consistent in flavor, quality, and burn, time after time.

This blend is perfect for traditional non-aromatic cigar smokers looking for a nice change of pace, along with anyone else that’s looking for an exceptionally well-made line of coffee-infused cigars.

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