CAO Gold Maduro Cigars

November 25, 2019

CAO Gold Maduro Cigars

CAO is a cigar brand made famous for its huge portfolio of blends, many of which sway from the norm by using unique premium tobaccos from around the world. With a slew of 90+ ratings under their belt, the company’s commitment to sourcing the world’s finest cigar leaves has paid off in dividends.

Created in 1996, Gold cigars, one of the older classic lines within the CAO lineup, has been an enormously popular choice among smokers looking for a Connecticut wrapped cigar with a medium-bodied profile and creamy smooth flavors. To recreate that creamy smoothness, this time for Maduro enthusiasts,  in 2007 the company introduced  CAO Gold Maduro cigars.

CAO Gold Maduro uses the same blend of Nicaraguan and Honduran tobaccos binder and long-fillers found in the original Gold but replaces the silky blonde Connecticut leaf with a dark brown Brazilian Maduro wrapper. Like every other CAO offering, Gold Maduro is exemplary in every category, such as top-notch construction, a slow burn, and unwavering consistency from one cigar to the next.

After lighting one these dark beauties, you can expect a medium-bodied smoke that’s rife with delicious flavors of chocolate, coffee, cedar, leather, and hints of raisin. A sweet vanilla-like aroma rounds out an exceptionally rich and well-refined smoking experience.

Pick up a box of 20 right here on the JR Cigar website, and savor the darker side of Gold!

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