Cuban Cigar Factory by Benji Menendez Cigar Review

February 10, 2020

Cuban Cigar Factory by Benji Menendez

Hello my friends. Nick Libretti here for Time for another brand new cigar review. Today I’m enjoying the Cuban Cigar Factory brand. It’s a new collaboration between Ventura Cigars, specifically Michael Giannini and two legendary cigar masters. First up we have the Benji Menendez series. For those of you who don’t know, Benji is a legendary blender in the cigar industry starting back from his time in Cuba and then his many great works with Altadis USA and with General Cigar.

This is a page right out of his book, a very smooth, creamy Dominican smoke, uses an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, Dominican binder and then a blend of Dominican and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos. It’s right up there in that really nice mellow to medium smoke. Very nutty. The slightest hint of like a touch of light cocoa but smooth, creamy. When you light this up, the burn is fantastic

Looks great, the price is right on point and it’s a great way to test one of the talents and one of the great masters of this industry at a reasonable price. And with a great cigar, so head right now to and pick up your box of the Cuban Cigar Factory, Benji Menendez.

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