Macanudo Heritage Nuevo Cigar Review

February 19, 2020

Macanudo Heritage Nuevo

Hello my friends, Nick Libretti here for Time for a brand new cigar review, or should I say a nuevo cigar review. Today I’m enjoying the Macanudo Heritage Nuevo, a brand new cigar from the legendary iconic company of Macanudo. Based slightly on the Macanudo Cafe, the popular, they’re their bestselling line, but a little tweak. First, instead of using a traditional Connecticut Valley wrapper, it uses Ecuadorian Connecticut wrappers. And you get a little different flavor there, it’s going to be a tiny bit more rich, tiny bit more flavorful.

And then also they use just a touch of Nicaraguan. So usually the setup is Connecticut wrapper, Mexican binder, and the Mexican Dominican filler. Same setup except for Ecuadorian wrapper. And now a touch of Nicaraguan in there as well. It really kind of fills out the blend a little bit more. It gives it a little more character, a little more complexity. Construction’s great. The cigar is fantastic. It’s definitely up there in the echelon of the better Macanudo Cafes I’ve ever had. Terrific blend. Terrific flavors. Terrific construction. Terrific cigar. So head right now to and pick up your box of the Macanudo Heritage Nuevo.

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