Rocky Patel Number 6 Cigar Review

February 6, 2020

Rocky Patel Number 6

Hello, my friends, Nick Libretti here for Time for a brand-new cigar review. Today, we are enjoying the number six from Rocky Patel. Brand new cigar, it was just released this year. The number six stands for, he was having a hard time naming this blend, so he literally just named it after the numbered blend that he picked. So they gave him a bunch of samples. He’s smoking number six. He’s like, “I like this one,” number six.

Hand-rolled in Honduras using Corojo tobacco, has a good amount of sweetness to it and that nice earthy undertone you get from a Honduran smoke. According to them, it’s one of the sweeter cigars they’ve ever released and I would say yeah, definitely in the ballpark. Not like a fake sweetness, a natural, rich, juicy sweetness from that nice Corojo Honduran tobacco. Fantastic burn.

I love the presentation. It comes with dual bands, a very classy, elegant, black box. Another home run from the good folks over at Rocky Patel. So head on over to and pick up your box of the number six.

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