Celebrities who smoke: Al Pacino

August 29, 2023

Cinemas most vibrant decade was the 1970s, when Al Pacino established himself as a film actor. Since then, hes gained extensive fame and popularity and become an enduring and iconic figure in Hollywood.

Born April 25th 1940, in Manhattan, New York City, to Italian-American parents. After his parents separated in his early years, Pacino’s father moved to California. Al was raisedin the Bronx by his mother and grandparents as an only child.

Pacino grew up mimicking the notable voices of characters he had seen in movies. To Al Pacino, going to school and being educated was boring, and he found himself unmotivated and unwilling to learn. This phase lasted only briefly, as he later discovered his haven in school plays. After much involvement, his interest for performance blossomed into a full-time acting career.

When he first took to the stage beyond school halls, he began a low period of depression and poverty and sometimes had to borrow dollars for the bus fare. He was the understudy for quite some time, which took a knock on his self-esteem.

Pacino finally hit success off-Broadway with ‘The Indian Wants The Bronx’, which won several Obie Awards for Best Play, Best Actor (Pacino), and Best Supporting Actor (Cazale) in 1976. This was Al’s breakthrough moment, and is seen by many as the start of his successful career we know of today.

What is Al Pacino known for?

Al Pacino became well-known in the early 1970s and remained incredibly popular through the early 2000s. Pacino is best known to many as an legendary actor with a long-standing career and one of the most famous smokers in the celebrity world.

Scarface (1983) highlighted Al Pacino’s celebrity smoking status, with many of his scenes portraying Tony Montana involving his puffing on a Cuban as a symbol of success in the storyline. Aside from this big blockbuster hit, Al Pacino has also appeared on stage and on the small screen, but he is better known for his leading roles in many Hollywood movies. 

His robust New York accent and Italian looks have steered him toward several appearances in mobster movies. However, he can also play the good guy. 

One of Pacino’s well-known lines was from a long day’s shooting, and after repeated takes, the star went a little extra, and it made it into the final cut of Heat (1995). ‘She’s got a GREAT ass, and you’ve got your head up it!’ was not scripted, and co-star Hank Azaria’s reaction is genuine. Azaria later said he was terrified by the ferocity with which Pacino delivered the line. 

Al Pacino’s incredible showdown with Robert De Niro in Heat featured one the greatest shootout scenes in cinematic history! It’s a moment in his career that is surely displayed proudly on the shelf with his other successes.

How did Al Pacino become famous?

Al Pacino had a role in the 1971 movie The Panic in Needle Park (1971)which set his career on a new path. Pacino’s role as a heroin addict caught the eye of Francis Ford Coppola, an incredibly successful producer who was at the time casting for The Godfather (1972). He was compared against other successful actors such as Jack Nicholson and Robert Redford, but was eventually chosen as the main character. This was when his true fame began.

The Godfather went on to win an Academy Award for Best Picture and earned Al Pacino many other awards, including his first of many Oscar nominations. Of course, as we know, Pacino then went on to film many other big-screen hitters, including Scarface. His infamous line “say hello to my little friend” is now one of the most quoted movie lines ever, which pinned Pacino firmly on the Hollywood map.

What are Al Pacino's favorites cigars?

Al Pacino has an ongoing theme of smoking cigars throughout his many films. The best example is Scarface, as Pacino’s character Tony Montana regularly enjoys a smoke. 

There are plenty of iconic scenes and moments throughout the film where Pacino can be seen smoking a Cuban. From speculation, the chosen cigars are more than likely a Cohiba or a similar brand. 

You can enjoy a smoking experience similar to Tony Montana by indulging in a CohibaMacassar. This cigar is an extension of the existing Cohiba line and provides a medium-bodied experience. When puffing on this delightful stogie, expect some tasty wood, white pepper, cedar, and coffee notes. 

Cigars are one of the world’s treasured luxuries. They provide a sense of reward and are enjoyed by many worldwide. Pacino enjoys premium smoke in his own time. If you want to imitate his smoking style, we suggest picking a Cohiba Black Gigante. This cigar has an intense flavor profile and will leave your palate dancing from complexity. 

Another Al Pacino-style smoke would be a Cohiba Sublime, which offers a medium-full-bodied smoke with exceptionally mouth-watering flavors and a delightful smoking experience. Store one of these in your humidor and you’ll surely be saying hello to a new little friend when you’re next lighting up.



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