ACID Blondie Cigars

October 1, 2019

ACID Blondie Cigars

Easily one of the most popular and talked about flavor-infused brands on the market, ACID by Drew Estate has crafted a wide selection of premium cigars made to appeal to the adventurous smoker. Although not every cigar enthusiast cup of tea, the brand takes pride in creating blends that are unlike any other. They accomplish this task by using only the best Nicaraguan tobaccos grown on the Drew Estate farm, and infusing them with their secretive and unique blend of botanicals, essential oils, and exotic spices. Among Drew Estate’s most popular blends are the Acid  Blondie line that incorporates a range of top-quality wrappers that are highlighted down below.

ACID Red Blondie

Covered by a toothy Cameroon wrapper,  the medium-bodied Red Blondie rewards the palate with a fragrant bouquet of red pepper, leather, and earth, accented with distinctive, mouthwatering notes of citrus, dried fruit, tea, and berries.

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ACID Blue Blondie

A golden-brown Connecticut wrapper makes the Blue Blondie a mellow to medium-bodied smoke with a natural tobacco sweetness backed by hints of raisins, dried fruit, and soft spices.

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ACID Gold Blondie

Medium-bodied, Gold Blondie delivers fragrant notes of tangy spice, hay, some earthy components, and subtle hints of tea, citrus, and dried fruit. The top-quality Sumatra wrapper adds on overall sweetness to the blend.

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ACID Green Blondie

Using the now rare, but once very popular Candela wrapper, ACID Green Blondie cigars add a nostalgic twist of classic flavor to this exotic blend of herbs, botanicals, and premium long-filler Nicaraguan tobaccos. Mellow to medium-bodied notes of leather, tangy spice, dried fruit, and berries are accented with a sweet pineapple-like sweetness imparted from the smooth and silky Candela wrapper.

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The entire line of ACID Blondie cigars is rolled in a slim, petite,  4 x38 format adorned with a pigtailed cap. This makes them all the perfect treat for smokers on the go that is looking for delicious change of pace from the classic non-aromatic premium cigar.

With all that said, why not step out of your comfort zone and pick up a 40-count box of your favorite Blondie blend when you buy cigars online from JR.


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