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Bio: Jeff Brody has been a Content and Copy Writer for JR Cigars since February of 2021. Whether it's through descriptions in the expansive JR catalog, email campaigns, or informative, in-depth content here on The Blending Room, Jeff is responsible for providing all the knowledge you need to pick out your next favorite cigar. He prefers cigars with complex and rich flavor profiles like the Aging Room Bin No. 2, Undercrown 10, or Sobremesa Brulee, but Jeff can find something to love and savor in any cigar.

Favorite cigars: Undercrown 10, Aging Room Bin No. 2, Sobremesa Brulee, Trinidad Espiritu Series 2, Arturo Fuente Hemingway

Favorite drink to pair with a cigar: Tequila or Root Beer

Years Smoking: 4

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