Long Ash Podcast Episode #28

November 11, 2019

Long Ash Podcast Episode #28

This week on Long Ash Podcast, Nick and Greg smoke the CAO Orellana while providing a much-needed history lesson on how the cigar was made, the name behind the smoke, ad the blend of the cigar. Nick and Greg also express their excitement for the highly anticipated launch of Disney+ next week!

CAO Orellana cigars are the latest installment to the brand’s enormously popular Amazon series. What really makes Orellana stand out, is the rare tobacco from Brazil known as Braganca that is used for part of the filler blend.

These exotic leaves are grown in a remote area of the Amazon Rainforest. A wrapper from Brazil, with a Nicaraguan binder, and additional filler tobaccos from the Dominican, this full-bodied stick has flavor notes of spice, blackberry, leather, and sweet cream.

CAO Orellana cigars provide a tantalizing experience that’s unlike any other premium cigar you’ve smoked before, so give it a listen now!

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