Casa de Garcia Cigar Brand Review

August 8, 2016

He makes ends meet by working nights as a crash-test dummy, but by day he’s our cigar-smoking expert. He’s JR Cigar’s own Steve Nathan and he’s here to tell you how to save bundles…by buying bundles. Keep your budget from taking a figurative beating—while watching Steve take one literally—with this cigar-review video about Casa de García handmade premium smokes. The value-priced Casa de García brand offers three popular premium-tobacco blends ranging from mild to bold in body to please not just the palate but also the wallet. Casa de García premium handmade cigars are available now at JRCIGARS.COM; grab a bundle or two (or even go for all three styles) to toss into your humidor for a selection that’s inexpensive enough for every day…but is by no means cheap.


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