Padron Family Reserve Part 2

December 3, 2015

The Padron family, in keeping with their deeply traditional values, created on of the world highest rated cigar lines. The Padron Family Reserve has received more top marks than most any other cigar line. They have all been rated at least 90 by critics from the most esteemed echelons of cigar reviewing. While most of them have been listed in the Top 25 cigars of the year, some of them were even voted the best cigar of the year. We have already discussed the first 3 releases of the family reserved and rave reviews they received. We will now look at the last two releases, which many claim to be the swan song of the whole series.

In 2011, Padron celebrated a very special anniversary. It was the 85th birthday of company founder, Jose Orlando Padron. It would take a truly magnificent cigar to honor such a great man. The company did not disappoint. The Padron 85 Years is a masterpiece, a combination of 85 years of quality, knowledge and care. It is a box pressed robusto with a slightly thinner ring gauge than its predecessor, the 46 Years. Its tobaccos have been aged for well over a decade. It comes in two wrapper variations, a spicy Sun Grown, and the ever-famous rich Maduro. It was a riveting release and earned the honor of a 94 rating and a place in the Top 5 cigars of the year. Many thought that no release could now surpass the 85 Year, but I would not have taken those odds.

In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of this esteemed company, Padron released one of the most anticipated cigars in recent history. In 2014, with the world hanging on the edge of it seats, Padron announced its latest edition. Arriving first at IPCPR, the Padron 50 Years, was ready to take the industry by storm. It is a gorgeous chubby robusto box press with vintage tobaccos aged for well over a decade. The Sun Grown is smooth yet spicy, with a hearty cedar after taste. The Maduro was rich and robust, with blasts of cocoa and coffee. The maduro was again named to the Top 10 Cigars of the year, and received a 94 rating. The cigars were also released in a special edition humidor, complete with 50 cigars.

We have seen the great things Padron can do with their ordinary production line. No one anticipated the huge impact that the Family Reserve line would have had. The best part of this is, all of these cigars are available for your pleasure right here at JR Cigar. I think it time you actually tasted perfection.


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