Black And Mild Pipe Tobacco Cigars- The Perfect Indoor Cold Weather Smoke?

November 10, 2015

Summer is a wonderful time to enjoy your favorite premium cigar in the great outdoors. Whether it be lounging on the deck, or at poolside, nothing beats the experience! Sadly, for those who live in changing climates, the colder months make this wonderful pastime virtually impossible, unless you enjoy freezing!

We all pity the poor soul relegated to taking the family hound for a long walk in the frozen tundra just to get a few worthy puffs of his prized perfecto. Of course, if you live alone, or have tolerable housemates you can always smoke in the comforts of your own home. However, this is quite rare these days.

Years back, smoking a stogy in the parlor after a good meal, was a rite of passage for dad and grandpa. Today, the fear of second hand smoke takes a very close second to a nuclear fallout, in the minds of many.

So let us say you live in a frostier climate, its winter, you don’t have a dog to walk, and your wife will chop off your nether regions with a salad fork if you fire up your best stick inside the house. What do you do?

Well, you can take up pipe smoking on the hopes that this may be more bearable to your better half. All you will need is a pipe, a tamping tool, a tin of tobacco, a reliable lighter, or at least 300 books of matches – Why so many? Because the damn flame goes out after every third puff!

Okay, now that we have eliminated the pipe-smoking scenario, excluding going to your favorite smoking establishment every evening, or buying a Siberian Husky, what are your options? Well, you may have one more- so please listen carefully!

The famous John Middleton Company is sympathetic to your plight, so they offer you a fine line of top-quality, Black& Mild pipe tobacco cigars, sure to please even the most intolerant of noses.

Upon retiring to the boob tube after a sumptuous meal, and possibly dessert, covertly firing up a yummy smelling Middleton Cherry, Cream, Apple, or Wine cigar may be aromatic enough to keep you comfortably seated inside for the evening. If you still get the boot, all of these cigarillos have a diminutive 5 x 30 size profile, allowing you to quickly enjoy them outdoors before frostbite sets in. In addition, with the money you saved by not procuring a pooch, you can keep several boxes handy at all times!


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