Two Classic Imported Pipe Tobaccos That You Simply Must Try

July 18, 2019

Borkum Riff Tobacco

Borkum Riff  Original Pipe Tobacco was launched in Sweden in the 1960s, with an eye on the US pipe tobacco market. Although enormously popular throughout Europe, Initial sales were sluggish. However, thanks to a combination of word of mouth and highly successful marketing, in 1969, sales  dramatically increased, and it quickly became one of the most popular Danish imports featured in local tobacco shops throughout the United States

Today, with so many imported premium pipe tobaccos on the market, pound for pound, Borkum Riff  Original Pipe Tobacco, sold in affordable 5-pack pouches, and economical 7.5 oz, tins,  holds its own with the best of them!

Borkum Riff Original uses an age-old recipe of choice Virginia ribbon cut and premium Kentucky Burley tobaccos to derive its satisfying, rich mellow flavor. Although softer than other Borkum Riff blends, Original, includes just the perfect touch of vanilla for added taste and a heavenly aroma.

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Amphora Original Blends

Amphora Original Blend pipe tobacco really caught on fire here in the states during the early 1970s. but in the 1990s  the manufacturer, Douwe Egberts, sold its tobacco interests to another company and it soon became lackluster, blend of very simple Burleys and ribbon cut  Virginia’s that was almost tasteless and often sold stale. Then, in 2006 the famous Mac Baren Tobacco Company purchased Amphora Original Blend, along with the rest of the line, and the brand got a fresh new coat of paint!

Today, Amphora Original Blend pipe tobacco features a  well-rounded blend of aged  Burley and Cavendish, balanced with top-quality Turkish, Virginias, and dark-fired Kentucky tobaccos. Once again, a  world-class name in pipe tobacco, Amphora Original provides the smoker with rich chocolate top notes backed by cream, cocoa, and the natural nutty sweetness of the Burley.

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